10 Myths on Trains Train

Myth 1. If you are late for a train, return the ticket and get back the money can not

Wrong. After sending the train you can get back of the money. The price of the Railways Travel Document is folded out of two parts: the cost of the ticket (fee for the use of railway) and the cost of the reserimar (fee for the use of train services). If you are late for your train, you will not be returned to the deposit, but the cost of the ticket to get back. True, still keep 192 rubles. 10 kop. – So much in October 2017 is the fee for registration of the ticket return.

To return a ticket, you need to contact the station at the station no later than 12 hours after the departure of the train. In the first three hours, it is enough just to show the ticket and a document certifying the person, and from the fourth and before the expiration of the 12th hour – also write a claim statement (how to do it, the employee will tell member).

However, there is a chance and from those who exceeded a 12-hour limit if the cause is respectful. If from the moment of departure of the train passed from 12 hours to 5 days, the application will need to be attached to the document proving that the lateness occurred not by your fault (certificate from the doctor). If there is no such document, it will not be possible to return money. And if the train has already passed more than five days ago – too.

Myth 2. There are no Internet or Wi-Fi in trains

Not certainly in that way. In branded trains Wi-Fi is usually declared. But even on the most loaded railway route Moscow – Saint Petersburg, he does not work everywhere. In "Sapsan" free Wi-Fi is included in the fare for passengers of the first and business class. The speed changes depending on the number of active users. In two-story trains, Moscow – Adler and Moscow – Kazan also have free Wi-Fi, but the quality of the signal depends on the conditions of the terrain that the train drives.

Therefore, if you need the Internet on the way, we recommend progress and learn from your mobile operator, what options for tariffs it can offer. Consider only the connection on the way may not be everywhere: Look at the map of coverage of the territory of Russia with networks of cellular operators.

Myth 3. Only those who bought something from the conductor can be used by hot water from Titan

Wrong. Take water from Titan can any passenger. By the way, in many Titans trains – special water heaters – replaced with kettles.

10 Myths on Trains Train

Titanium or kettle is usually opposite the coupe of the conductor. Titan looks like a steel tank with a crane, and water heats up to the "tea" condition in about an hour after departure. Please note that if the water in Titan is cold, you can still drink it: it is boiled and just cooled. Titan is designed so that flowing water from it cannot flow.

But the water from the crane in the toilet is not worth drinking, it is technical.

Myth 4. If you went to the station, and the train went, you need to buy a new ticket

Wrong. You don’t need to buy a new ticket – it is enough to make a stop in the way at the head of the station where you were. True, you will have to pay the cost of the placentar (usually it is 40-50% of the total price of the ticket). After that you can sit on the next train, going in the right direction. Minus: you will not be available to choose a place, we will put on a free, and it may be the case below the class than in the dried train. But there is a plus: the stop can be made for up to ten days – the budget option for those inquisitive travelers, who have a lot of free time and little money.

Important. A mark on the stop on the way on the ticket must be planted within three hours from the moment of arrival at the train station on which you arrived.

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