10 of the most amazing places on earth that should be visited by

Around us so much interesting, amazing, mysterious, but we sometimes, because of the hassle, work, the lack of free time is invisible to this. Map of the world can look at the clock. Study mainland, country, cities. Every corner in this world is unique. But still there are places that need to visit at least once in life.

Santorini Island – a unique corner that resembles earthly paradise. The island is located off the shores of the Aegean Sea. It is located in the central part of Greece. Tourists from the first minute will conquer bizarre, memorable landscapes left by volcanic eruption, beaches, which at first glance do not have no end, neither the edge, snow-white fabulous houses, sensual sunsets. Also, scientists have proven that volcanic ash retains traces of an ancient uncharted civilization.

Amazing place Machu Picchu, Located in Peru. The ancient city of the civilization of the Incas, is located in tropical, difficult forests. This is an amazing place – a historical monument of past millennia. The city is completely laid out of stone. Walls, terraces, gardens have retained their history and a riddle.

The great Wall of China – Representative of the list of "Wonders of the World", is under the protection of UNESCO. From west to east, through the steppes, desert and forests passes the Great Wall. Nor time, nor climatic conditions, nor a person’s hand – unable to conquer it.

Petra city, Located in Jordan, one of the miracles of the world. The city is built in a narrow, almost impassable canyon with the hands of the Arab tribe. This city, over 2,000 years ago was the central link of trade and crafts.

Unique crystal cave, be in tourist mexico. It was discovered in the work of the mine drilling, was located at the depths of the ground about 300 meters. The cave presents a magnificent collection of ancient selenite crystals of different sizes, the crystals were formed as a result of a subtepted groundwater underway, which contain a large amount of mineral components.

Big Canyon, Arizona, United States. This canyon attracts, manitis its stunning landscape and a majestic size, which is 446 km long, width 29 km.

10 Of the most amazing places on earth that should be visited by

Valley of Monuments, Located in the USA. You can see the cliffs-remains whose height reaches up to 1000 meters. Valley with cliffs is surrounded by sand dunes. This main attraction of these places.

Plitvian lakes – This is the Croatian National Park. 16 Emerald Lakes are located on the plateau. Water color has a property of changing shades. It depends on the refraction of sun rays and content in the lakes of various microorganisms.

Pamukkale, Sunny Turkey. Calcium travertines perform a multi-layer, complex cascade, which, from a bird’s eye view, resembles a snowy waterfall. You will also see and plunge into thermal sources that are famous for the body rejuvenation.

Socotra – hard-to-reach, almost unaffected archipelago. But if you have a desire and forces – then the road in a varied, rich world of plants and animals is open to you. He is located in Yemen. Nature has kept the best and expensive for us, that it has. Travel and enjoy. And most importantly, do not forget to take pictures for memory.

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