10 things you need to do in Slovakia

At the top of the support of the new bridge in Bratislava at an altitude of 85 meters is the restaurant UFO Watch.Taste.Groove (previously he was called Bystrica). About 200 thousand guests of the city are visited annually. Thus, you can admire the capital of Slovakia and try national dishes.

2. Visit Bratislava Philharmonic or Opera

Opera and Philharmonic in Bratislava are very popular among overseas visitors – due to high quality and reasonable prices. Opera and ballet performances are accompanied by subtitles in Slovak or German, also come for English-speaking visitors. Tickets must be purchased in advance.

3. Get acquainted with the work of Andy Warholl

In the city of Medzilarborsky, there is a Museum of Contemporary Art Andy Warholla – a famous American artist of Slovak origin, the founder of pop art. The museum’s expositions make up unique artifacts about the life of the artist, his creative activity.

4. Visit in Spisch Castle

Spissky Grad – the largest medieval complex in Europe (territory – more than 40,000 km2), UNESCO World Heritage Monument. The castle towers on the dolomite rocks at an altitude of almost 200 meters above the surrounding fields and the town of Spiser Sif.

5. Dial oil from spring

In the north-west, the country near the village of Moachuzi is a unique natural monument, which was called the Kornansky Oil Spring. This small dark lake is a surface low oil field. The researchers who studied the spring stated that local oil of very good quality. For almost 30 years, this spring has been visited by the National Monument. And locals use oil in their own way: who is for kerosene, and who for lubricant or shoes.

6. Learn to play fuar

Fuyar – Traditional Slovak Wooden Fuchovaya Tool. Two-meter twin, which should be kept vertically is the national proud country.

7. To visit the geographical center of Europe

10 Things you need to do in Slovakia

You can find it in the town of Siliconatska Ban. Since the end of the 18th century, it is mentioned in historical documents in such honorable status. Of course, with great confidence it can be argued that this center of Europe does not relieve clear calculations, but most of the Slovaks are confident that their center is the most accurate.

eight. Ride in the forest railway

Forest railway in the wiggle in the Kisuce region in the north-west of Slovakia – the longest and technologically perfect from the world’s preserved in the world (110 km). Was in use until 1972, and then turned into a tourist attraction. A separate section of the road passes through the territory of the Museum of the Kisuce Open-air from 34 buildings – architectural monuments.

nine. Go to Vienna on the Danube

From the capital of Slovakia on a high-speed catamaran, you can go on a fascinating river walk along the Danube to the neighboring vein. The fare is from 20 to 30 euros. You can buy a ticket for now on the site.

ten. Participate in the annual festival at the output

The weekend village, which is in high tatras, serves as the center of Slovak Folklore and is the place of holding the largest in Slovakia of the folklore festival, which gives an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of this country. The festival is held in the summer, annually taking more than 30,000 guests.

10 Things you need to do in Slovakia

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