Active rest in Yemen

Yemen has many top-class tracking sites and hiking excursions. However, it should be borne in mind that the local climate is suits enough, the rest infrastructure is completely unknown here, and the entire campaign organization will have to be carried out. There are no full-fledged cards in a shortage, and there are no official routes for hiking, although the whole country is essentially one large region, perfectly suitable for outdoor activities. In mountainous areas to the north-west of Sana, in the Horaz Mountains (90 km of the city of Manaha), along Wadi Hadramaut and on the terraced slopes of the western part of the country a lot of truly unique places for hiking hiking. It is worth adding to this that these edges are quite thick inhabited, and the local population is friendly to foreigners, so these areas are worth choosing for hiking.

Water sports and recreation in Yemen are common yet extremely limited – there are almost no full-fledged seaside resorts in the country and developed infrastructure. However, the extended marine shores and the abundance of islands and reefs, and mostly completely untouched, make this country one of the best places in the region for extreme water activities and sports. It should also take into account the proximity to the unique Bab El Mandantry Strait, often referred to "Cemetery ships". In this area, very complex hydrographic conditions that limit the possibility of immersion under water, but the region itself is a potential mecca for divers – according to different estimates, only in the waters of the strait at the bottom, the remains of more than one and a half thousand courts of all times and peoples. To this should be added permanent winds that make the coastal water Yemen quite convenient place for yachting and windsurfing.

Reviews and studies of trips

Socotra. Bay Deets and Shuab

There are no beach hotels on Sokotra, you need to spend the night in tents or in the open air, only SUVs survive from cars here, and food is not available in restaurants, but in natural form, local residents – fishermen or cattle breeders. This scares tourists, and thank God – the island remains in the middle day. Read more →

Active rest in Yemen

La_es | May 2014

Honey dragon tree. Socotra

If anyone, even recently, would say that I will go to Socotra Island, I would not believe him. Because I didn’t know about Sokotra anything and did not even hear. But on everything "Will of God", Or as Arabs say – Inshal! Inshala always defined my life. This is this inshalar and led me and 7 more people in January 2008 for a miracle island, Socotra Island. Read more →

Active rest in Yemen

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