Amazing Country China

Many people who lived in it not one ten years old, did not reveal all his mysteries, they themselves recognized that only slightly touched his wisdom and knowledge. China can be learned all his life and never understand until the end.So much in it is an incomprehensible ordinary town man and so he fascinates his grandeur that I want to constantly come to this country.

Chinese medicine

Travel to China is often associated with medicine. It has long been known that here you can cure almost any disease. Many methods, characteristic exclusively for traditional and non-traditional Chinese medicine, there are no longer one hundred years old and with their help, experts heal from such problems that European doctors are powerless.

  • Creating methods in China
Amazing Country China

Common and effective is considered acupuncture, treatment with the help of herbs and plants, as well as massage, manual therapy and qigong. The Chinese believe that the physical body of a person and his health directly depends on the vital energy that circulates in the body. If its current is broken, it causes various pathology and diseases. There are many clinics throughout the country in which qualified doctors assist adults and children.

Shopping in kitai guangzhou

Those who go to China to get acquainted with culture and make purchases, it is worth a trip to Guangzhou. This major city is famous for its markets and large shopping centers. On its territory there is the largest jade market in the world. There are products from nephritis of any color and size. Buddha figures reach a few meters.

  • Nephritis is the pride of the Chinese

The most valuable is the blue and red jade, but there is also a large number of fakes from ordinary glass, which is much cheaper, so you should be extremely attentive to not be deceived. Nephritis is the pride of the Chinese and their wealth. It is considered a stone of the emperor, ruler. Very many different jade medallions with images are sold in this market, usually give them to friends and loved ones to attract well-being, happiness and love.

It is worth come to China once, and he will love you forever. You can travel here often, if you choose a more budget option when you buy only tickets for the flight, and all other organizational moments are solved on the spot. It concerns accommodation, food and transport. Independent travels are loved by many tourists because of their greater availability and greater freedom.

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