Andermatt: Steep Mount Hamschok

The second day it seems to me that we are alone on this grief. Occasionally there are soldiers with groups of 7-8 people who are specifically brought to Andermatt and learn to be managed with skis in deep snow and under zero-visibility conditions on the hemostatic. Huge riding zone, immense and steep mountaineering! In the justice of the last approval, they were convinced of their own forces, thoroughly painted them after the first day. Otherwise, local guides are convinced by our fingers "Real Map" Region, manually carried out by dotted lines-routes available from only one ropes on the very top of the hemsshtok.

The area of ​​Catania in Andermatte consists of three zones combined with one SKIPASS – HemSstock, otchen / Gutech and Sedrun (Gemsstock, Natschen / Gutsch and Sedrun). The first two are directly over the Andermatt itself, on the slopes of opposite vertices. Sedrun is located in the next valley, above the Oberalp passage and you can get there by train (by the same SKIPASSU), going at the stop of OberalPPAS (time in the way 20 minutes) or even further in Dieni (25 minutes).

Sedrun includes several chairlings and a couple of bougiel lifts and good for calm riding newcomers and mid-level skiers, skiing and learning. There is also a snowpark for snowboarders and Logoskler skiers. The tracks are well prepared, are on the southern slope, in good weather there should be a lot of sun + a great view of Pass and Hamschok. In Sedrun, a relaxed weekend most arriving swiss and many Italians, who have hand to this place.

Zone Natchen is on the southern slope of the valley in which the Andermatt is located. The chair lift, pulling into the ski zone, is located at the very beginning of Andermatta, near the train station – from the farthest recruitment of the resort here 10 minutes turn. Can be reached on a free bus that resembles a minibus by the town. The first stage of the wheelchair raises the station otchen, it also makes the stop and the train going through pass to Sedrun. Next turn throws you to a height of 2344 m, from where it opens a good view of Andermatt, adjacent valleys and Fourka Pass away.

Skating on the prepared tracks above the skeleton is a pair of wide black tracks with a good bias for carving fans and a calm blue highway. Between them, as well as on the sides, it is relatively safe to roll out of the tracks, there are practically no stones and rock drops, the whole zone is very friendly for Freeride. On a good sunny day, you can spend great time here.

The descent from is otten to Andermatt is serpentine along the railway branch, at which time from time to time rise or descends the red compositions of Glacier Express and regional small trains – do not be lazy to stop and photograph if you bring "to catch" this moment. Down the vigorous red track leads, but if there are a lot of snow or (what is even better) he just fell – go down right under the heater from the Andertt in otchen. This slope is marked as a turn-in route and has a good slope for a dynamic descent. Hold ones (yellow with orange top), and when the bottom station will seem to leave the left of the register. Immediately after or during the snowfall, when visibility in the Alpine zone is unimportant, here you can get fine "Large day" on hemschtok.

GemShoktok (2963 m) – the legendary freeride peak and mountain range in the world, who has become the main reason for the appearance of people in the undermatte of people with extensive skiing and long snowboards. Two days of gondolas lead to the top point from Andermatta. In the area of ​​the intermediate station there is a chair and a pair of bugel lifts on both sides of the Gondola, the only short blue highway on the mountain, the training area of ​​the local ski school, snowpark, as well as a unique freeride park, with marked jumps for jumps and other obstacles. And all. Jokes on this on the hemstock ends.

Few delay in the middle station, everyone strives to the main vertex. On both sides of the gondola down 2963 meters, labeled marked and prepared descents. Red on the left (if you look down from the top) – not very complicated, with several traverses, allows you to go down with pleasure not only to experts, but also a mid-level skier. Good for those who simply want to admire a great view from the top and to be below the whole and unharmed. If the traverses leave even to the left and roll over the opposite side of the Kullyar Charli – down to the valley itself leads a cool inclusion.

Andermatt Steep Mount Hamschok

Two black tracks on the right side of the gondola only for well-trained skiers and snowboarders. Come across very cool sections. After the snowfall, these tracks do not touch the rampers for a couple of days, leaving the opportunity to drive the freeride. In the usual time, the Sapporo Sapporo Olympic Champion and a native of Bernard Russia are laid on their place. Designer, by the way, the Olympic trace in the Red Polyana, which the athletes praise, have time to try to try. Since 1999, Bernhard Russi Downhill competitions have been held annually on the hemsstoke – a crazy high-speed descent with a length of 3500 m, with a drop of 850 meters and only four control gates (the average speed of movement takes up to 100 km / h).

A very modest amount of ropes on a hamstock with interest is compensated by the richest possibilities of oil skating, for which else would need more lifts. Beggar almost all throughout the slopes of hemsshtok, a variety of relief and 300 (!) snowfields, as it is impossible to fit for freeride. The length of the endrass routes is twice the total kilometer of the trained tracks of the entire region, and this is about 125 km! Pass both along the northern slope, descending into Andermatt, and side sidewalls, emerging to the neighboring village of Hospental, so on the reverse, southern side of the hemsshtok with a drop in the neighboring valley. Traveling here alone is very not recommended – you need a guide and a complete avalanche.

Be careful to markups indicating the dangers of large stones and rocks from which you can fall. Mountain Serious, follow the avalanche atmosphere and healthy assess your strength. In conditions of bad visibility, hold the tracks – the markup is visible very well even in a strong fog. The descent from the middle station of Hamsshtok to Andermatt is also a black track, narrow, with steep sections, but you can avoid it, using the gondola.

There is no separate functioning office of mountain guides in Andermatte, so there is no, so you need to seek their services to the tourism office from the railway station or to the Alpina Sport Sports Store, which temporarily performs the functions of the office of local guides.

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