Angkor and Hoyan &# 8212; An ideal combination for short vacation in Asia

It is not always possible to highlight so much time for vacation as much as I would like. In such a situation, it is important to choose &# 171; correct&# 187; Places and correctly combine the route with a minimum time loss on the road.

Angkor, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Bernard Languillier, Flickr (Angkor and Hoyan)

If you are planning to visit Vietnam and Cambodia in a short period of time and, at the same time, see the ancient temples, touch the story, find out the modern energy of Vietnam and the other – cozy, quiet and unhurried, try delicious local food, and, of course, please Beloved, lying on white sand, then combination Ho Chi &# 8212; Angkor &# 8212; Hoian – Ho Chi Minhmin, can be an excellent option.

Such a route in T.C. Conditioned by convenient flight options, which offers Vietnam Airlines – from Ho Chi Minh City Siemreap (Angkor), from Siemreapa to Danang (Hoian), from Dananga to Ho Chi Minh City. The duration of flights from an hour to two, the cost of all flights taken together +/- 400 dollars.

Angkor, Cambodia &# 8212; Temples, History, Culture

The time allocated to the temples of Angora directly depends on our preferences. Lovers of formal visits are enough and one day, to run on the stones of Angkor together with the mass. The same who’s used to "feel the place" &# 8212; We need time and decor without a crowd, and, accordingly, you will need at least 2-3 days.

Angkor &# 8212; An impressive monument of history, which is near the city of Siemreap (Siem Rip / System Reap). Once it was a big city with its infrastructure, houses and temples. T.To. ordinary houses were built from wood, short-lived in comparison with a stone of the material, they were not preserved to our days, only stone temples were left – but what are these temples! ) At the time of the flourishing of the Khmer kingdom, they played bright colors and gold, today the temples have no old gloss, but their gray-black majestic outlines against the background of green jungle are combined by many to endow Angkor mystical properties.

For centuries, this place was hidden by the jungle, a small part of the local population knew about his existence, and the Anchor world was opened only in the 19th century.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Photo Credit: Guy Prives, Flickr (Angkor and Hoyan)

Temple Bayon, Angkor. Cambodia. Photo Credit: Gabo_Havasi, Flickr

Hoian &# 8212; Charming city, beaches, bike, delicious food, interesting places

Twenty-minute drive from Dananga is a highlight of the Central Coast of Vietnam – Hoian City. In the 16th century it was one of their important ports, today, it is one of the most beautiful and spiritual cities of Vietnam. The architecture of the historic town transfers us in time, and the ubiquitous elements of Vietnamese and Chinese cultures, only increase the entourage of the past centuries. You can use the mass of epithets to Hoiana, but nevertheless it is impossible to transfer the city atmosphere in words – it needs to be seen, to hear, walk along the cozy streets and absorb its energy.

Hoian recognized UNESCO as a world heritage monument, in the city about 900 ancient buildings among which are Chinese homes and cham temples.

Hoyan, Vietnam. Photo Credit: 5Steps-PHOTOBLOG.Com

Hoyan, Vietnam. Photo Credit: 5Steps-PHOTOBLOG.COM (Angkor and Hoyan)

Street food in Hoyan, Vietnam. Photo Credit: 5Steps-PHOTOBLOG.COM (Angkor and Hoyan)

Hoian beaches deserve separate attention &# 8212; They are located a few kilometers from the city, walk to them by bike or on a bike, is already the pleasure in itself. A bit away from the central beaches open up endless stripes of white sand, wide, places of completely deserted, beaches.

Beach in Hoyan, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Jack Knoll, Flickr (Angkor and Hoyan)

+/- 50 kilometers from Hoiana preserved ruins of the temple complex Times of the Empire Chesp Mishon (My Son). Mishon, like Hoian, is under the protection of UNESCO, restoration work is underway in the complex.

Angkor and Hoyan; An ideal combination for short vacation in Asia

Ruins of the temple Mishon, Hoian. Photo Credit: Hendrik Van Zwol, Flickr (Angkor and Hoyan)

Ho Chimina &# 8212; Pleasant atmosphere, chaos on the roads, historical places, shopping and food

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Artery Vietnam. This is a city whose pace can only slow down the very rich imagination) Despite the rivers of Motobaykov, the noise of streets and excessive kipness is not annoying anything in it, on the contrary it is difficult to imagine Ho Chi Minhin without all this "madness").

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Photo Credit: Ian Kenn, Flickr

As in any other place, it is worth just to walk around the city to absorb his atmosphere and see at first glance, invisible details that do certain places unique.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Photo Credit: Zet11, Flickr

Vietnam survived a terrible war that changed a lot in this mill. Her echoes, unfortunately, can still be seen on the streets in the figures and faces of crumpled people. Learn about the facts of this terrible period for the Vietnam period in the museums of war and, if there is time and desire, in the tunnels &# 8212; network of underground tunnels used by Vietnamese partisans during the war &# 8212; which are close to Ho Chi Minh.

Museum of Otzvukov War. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Chrisgj6, Flickr

Tunnels Ki Choshimin, Vietnam. Photo Credit: Colinfinch, Flickr

This option of the route can be useful if a short-term trip is planned. If there is more time on the journey, it is worth considering the options for finished routes for a longer period.

Angkor and Hoyan; An ideal combination for short vacation in Asia

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