Angkor Tom – Guide to "Bolshoi England"

Cambodian landmark number 1, Koya is considered Angkor Wat, not the only nail of the program, because Angkor – a huge multi-faceted complex, and who wanted to fly ten o’clock to Siem reparator for the sake of a single temple? No less interest is such a store of attractions of Khmer culture as Angkor Tom. I’ll tell you what he is famous, I will share the advice and recommendations and, of course, show beautiful photos.

About what is Temple complex Angkor In general, I already wrote in this article, which tells the main thing about the above mentioned above Angkor Wat. This time, all attention will be directed to the Angkor Tom complex, which is among the attractions of the so-called «Small Circle», designed for visitors who have only one day on the inspection of Angcore, that is, it is a mandatory program. I will say this: «Angkor Tom should see every tourist who declared in local land!». And I also say that one day for Angkor – It is unforgivable little, so try to lay on Angkor wounds at least three days – you will not regret!

What is Angkor Tom (Angkor Thom)?

Angkor Tom – once a huge city and the last capital of the Khmer Empire, and today – One of the brightest tourist attractions of Cambodia. His name is translated as «Big Angkor» And he is really impressive with its scale and conquers magnificence.

The construction of the Bolshoi Angcourt was held under the start of King Jayavarman VII, who set himself the task of creating something completely new, amazing and amazing imagination after preceding his board, so that not only Khmer understood who the owner was in the house, but all militant neighbors. We must pay tribute to the task, he coped to five plus. If you believe directories, about a million people lived in Angkor Tome! Only stone buildings, located inside the city walls and belonging to the royal family, her retinue and priests, were preserved to this day, and all those who were outside and belonged to ordinary people were built out of a tree and long ago were rushed into the fly. This one «Stone» Part of the empire inside the walls and is the famous monument «Angkor Tom».

In the form of the territory of Angkor Tom is a square filled with various buildings, which will be described below. This square is connected to the outside world of five roads, four of which are connected around the central temple of Bayon, and the fifth rests in the elephant terrace.

Often, tourists fall into Angkor Tom through the southern gate (South Gate), firstly, because they can drive through them by car, secondly, because they turn out here after inspection of Angkor Wat, or at dawn they start familiarizing with great Angkor with visits to Bayon, the path to which from the Siem repace runs through the southern entrance.

Location Angkor Tom: 1 km north of Angkor Wat (south gate), 7 km from Siem Reach.
Building time: End of XII – The beginning of the XIII BB.
Duration of inspection: all day.

General scheme of angkor:

The scheme of the Angkor Tom:

Attractions Angkor Toma

Angkor Tom offers to inspect both large and small attractions, including temples, prasyats, terraces, bas-reliefs, etc. Having in the hands of the scheme, it is almost impossible to get lost, because even if you betray from the route, sooner or later we drink into the wall. However, I do not advise you to waste time on jungle wandering, it is better to spend it with benefit, admiring Khmer architecture.

Bayon (Bayon)

Bayon – The second most popular attraction after Angkor Wat and another visiting card of Cambodia. Jayavarman’s desire to prove to everyone, superiority and strength.

First of all, this temple is famous for its carved on the towers, which are about two hundred. Scientists believe their features repeat the features of the face of Jayabaman himself, which thus perpetuated himself.

Bayon’s location: In the central part of Angkor Tom, at the intersection of four roads coming from the gate.
Duration of inspection: 1-2 hours.

General Bayon scheme:

A reservoir
In bunk platform
With first level and gallery with bas-reliefs
D Second level
E Third Level
F Gopar
G Corner Tower
H Library
I Prasat
J Central Prasat
K Radial sanctuary
I Prasat
J Central Prasat
K Radial sanctuary
L Speaking of Central Prasate

Bayona bas-reliefs:

(A) True on the march
(C) Prayer Ling
(C) Sea battle
(D) Prices are defeated
(E, F) Military Procession
(G) Civil War
(H) all-seeing king
(I) Victory Parade
(J) Circus arrived in the city
(K) Country of abundance
(L, M, N) Tremade
(O) Timing Rubage Angkor
(P) Tymas included in Angkor

Bapuon (Baphyon)

Bapuon, located quite close to Bayon, is a church of the mountain, symbolizing the image of the mythical mountain measure. It was built before the foundation of Angkor Tom and then he could not boast of strength, because it began to collapse almost immediately after the construction was completed. Now restorers have to work hard so that we can admire them.

Bade Location: 200 meters north-west of Bayon (or south of Pimanakas).
Duration of inspection: About 15 minutes.

Pimanakas (Phimeanakas)

Judging by the guessing of scientists, Pimaanakas was a personal temple of the king, so this construction was made of stone, therefore preserved.

The temple from all sides is surrounded by trees, so even if you get to him, I will not really see anything, but you can wander around the narrow galleries. I will not see anything out of the row of outstanding, so you can skip up the rise, if you hurry. For lifting it is best to use steps from the west side, as they are in good condition.

Pymeanakas location: to the right of Bapuon, in the depths of the top of the elephant terrace.
Duration of inspection: About 30 minutes.

Terrace Level King (Terrace Of The Leper King)

This terrace – Box with secret! In length it is much less neighboring, but its height is impressive – Already eight meters, in addition it is all decorated with fantastic bas-reliefs. However, this is not the most important thing. The main thing is that scientists, when the restoration of the walls with bas-reliefs were restored, found another hidden wall behind it. Tourists are invited to walk along the corridor in such a way and get acquainted with another portion of the bas-reliefs

Considerable interest is the origin of a few frightening name of the terrace. It is connected with the statue located on the platform. Since scientists rarely can arrange among themselves, there are several theories as to whom this king was. Some believe that this is Jayavman VII himself, others believe that the statue depicts the god of wealth, which was a lepers, the third claim that the statue received its name due to the covering lichens. Most scientists support the version that the terrace was used for cremation kings, and the figure – This is an image of the pit – God of dead. In general, choose who likes more.

The location of the terrace of the Lesson King: Southeast of the heat pranama and north of the terrace of elephants.
Duration of inspection: 15-30 minutes.

Elephant Terrace (Terrace Of The Elephants)

The elephant terrace stretches for three hundred meters from Bapuon in the south to the terrace of the Level King in the north. Her southern staircase is decorated with elephant figures – Hence the name. When the terrace is surrounded by water, it seems that the elephants drink water.

Elephant terrace used as an overview site to observe the ceremonies occurring on the Royal Square.

The location of the Elephant Terraces: On the Royal Square Angkor Tom, south of the terrace of the Lesson King.
Duration of inspection: 10-15 minutes.

Photos from the site Cultural portal.RF.

Prasati Suor Prat and South Cleang (Prasats Suor Prat and South Kleang)

Prasati and two Cleangs are part of the royal group of structures. Their appointment is not known, and there are no longer scientists, but the guides show the miracles of the smelling and tell us with gullible tourists. However, it is most likely that they used the approximate king to observe what was happening in the area. One way or another, the towers look pretty, and this is perhaps the most important for hooker to the impressions of tourists.

Location: for the royal square, opposite the terrace of elephants.
Duration of inspection: 30 minutes.

Victory Gate

Only the gate leading to Angkor Tom, and there are five pieces. Four gates are located on the sides of the world and do not wear any names (the roads they open in Angkor Tom converge in the area of ​​the Bayon Temple), but the fifth – special. From the gopura (you already remembered what it is?), located in the center of the Elephants terrace, the road leads to the East leading to Gate victory.

The gate is not good called: through them the troops were returned to the city when they won another victory in the fight against opponents, and the opponents seem to have been translated.

Bridge with figures of gods and demons (South Gate)

Angcard bridges leading to the goal, adorn the figures of gods and demons that are best preserved at the southern, northern, and the gate of victory. We become acquainted with the first.

On the left there are gods with serene faces, and on the right – Demons with evil grimaces. Both those and others hold in their hands Naga (Semigol Snake, which is often found in an Angkore) and pull it in different directions. In general, it is only part of the painting to understand her all, you need to look at Angkor Tom from a bird’s eye view, then you can see that the rows of gods and demons at the southern gate have their continuation at the northern gate (the same story with Western and East), and snakes in this case wrap bayon. In general, all the figures are an illustration for the myth of the stinging of the dairy ocean in order to get Amrita – Elixir immortality. Here is such a large-scale idea of ​​architects.

Video clip about Angkor:

Tips, recommendations, impressions

Recommendation number 1: If you are given to Angkor for a few days, I recommend not to rush into the pool with your head and leave the biggest and interesting temples, such as Angkor Wat, buildings Angkor Tom on the second / third / fourth day (depending on the duration of the visit). Otherwise, against the background of these magnificent giants, all other attractions can simply get lost, which will be offended.

Recommendation number 2: Go to Bayon in the morning early, better before dawn, it will give a chance to avoid a crowd of tourists who begin to fill the temple closer to eight o’clock. In addition, it is at dawn perfect lighting for spectacular photos (at sunset is also beautiful, but visitors are more, so it will be difficult to shoot footage without people).

Recommendation number 3: Fans of tickling nerves recommend to stay in Bayon to darkness (no one expelled us). After sunset, you can watch «Exodus» bats that thousands fly out of the temple and go to their affairs – the spectacle and the extruded cries made by them are definitely not for the faint of heart.

Recommendation number 4: If health allows, and the desire is available, inspect Angkor by bike – This is the most romantic and cognitive option (you can stay in the surrounding villages, get to remote temples and T.NS.).

Caution №1: Just in case, I repeat that if you are in shorts and with bare hands, you will not be allowed to the Bapuon. Considering the Cambodian heat and the scorching sun, it is better not at all very much to root with the unaczzle parts of the body or at least use sunscreen and not forget about the headdress.

CAUTION №2: Walking in the areas distant from tourist trail, be careful, you can meet with snakes. We, for example, saw one on the way to parliament.

Tip №1: take with you more water (in the park it is much more expensive than in urban stores) and capture food or at least something to eat, because it is very cool not to depend on such circumstances, as the need to look for a cafe or restaurant, because you can go far from civilization, why vain spending time on travel back and back.

Angkor Tom - Guide to

Tip # 2: You can add bananas for myself to dining meals and a couple of water bottles for monkeys. In Angokre Tome there are places where Marts are already put on shine and entertaining tourists for yummy and the opportunity to drink. We met such monkeys on the way from Bayon to the southern goal.

Tip №3: Despite the fact that monkeys look extremely cute and friendly, they can be very and very aggressive. Not only can you pull something unparalleled, so still attack sometimes, especially if I envy the food that you do not plan to give them (with us, such a story happened to Angor Wath, when the leader of the flock tried to take away our lunch, I had to flee). What is me all? To what you need to be careful and not to forget about vigilance.

Video with Sheboldasik and Monkey:

Tip №4: Have minor money with you, the kids are very often klyanch «Uan-dollarsa», still eapse yourself sooner or later))

Impressions: without any doubt Angkor Tom – This is Must See! As I have written, it enters the mandatory program of all-all tourists who came to get acquainted with the ancient civilization of Khmer, and is completely harmonious. We liked Angkor Tom from and to, five points on three-point, so to speak. If you have very little time and you want to see at least a gallop in Europe, but more, then you will definitely visit Bayon, the terrace of the levech king and the gate with the bridge (southern or Victory Gate) – These attractions Angkor Tom impressed us more than the rest.

If you have little time, and you want to see and find out as much as possible with minimal labor costs, you can book a pre-excursion to Angkur with a Russian-speaking guide, for example, on the Tripster website, which offers unusual excursions from local residents. For example, tour «Temple complex Angkor» In addition to the walk through the most famous temples, accompanied by a guide includes a transfer from the hotel and back and auto for the whole day. Organizer – our compatriot, so it can be without any problems to discuss all the details.

Fantastic walking on Angkor to those expensive readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

Visiting Angcourt (cost, work schedule)

Before visiting Angcard, each tourist must acquire an entrance ticket (or a subscription for several days). Without such, the probability that will be able to get into the complex, extremely small. Yes, you can drive up from some other side, and not through the central entrance, where the cash regulations are located, but the fact is that the tickets are checked at the entrance to each large temple (Angkor Wat, Bayon, that prom) and put a special mark. Checking appear on posts at about eight in the morning, so that until this time you can easily get into the territory of a particular temple, but later you will still have to make a ticket.

Prices for tickets to Angkor:

  • ticket for 1 day – 20 dollars;
  • ticket for 3 days – $ 40 (valid during the week);
  • ticket for 7 days – 60 dollars (valid within a month from the date of purchase).

For tickets for 3 and 7 days will have to be photographed at the entrance, where the ticket office. Everything is done quickly and clearly, long to wait.

Important! Please buy tickets before closing (from 17:00 to 17:30) you buy a ticket from the date the next day.

Schedule of the temple complex Angkor: Daily from 5:00 to 18:00. Cash regulations open at 5:00, in the temples you can get from 5:30 in the morning and walk along it until sunset. The territory is allowed to 17: 00-17: 30, if you managed to slip through a ticket until this time, then in the territories of the temples it will be possible to wander longer. Officially, you must leave Angkor until 18:00, it is written on tickets from the back. However, we calmly rode completely late, while once on ignorance did not leave bikes next to the police station. The policemen, approaching us, have advised a little and reported that we have violated the rules, after which they released, pointing out a safe way to exit.

How to get to Angcore from Siem Repa

Three options are possible: Taxi, Tuk-Tuk and Bike. Details about each of them and prices are looking for in this article.

Andriusix chose bicycles for yourself and never regretted, just that it is very convenient, because it doesn’t depend anyone from anyone, you can still go anywhere, including where the driver would never be lucky. The only time we took the taxi – To travel to distant temples (Banji Site and Beng Melia).

Bike rental (moped) in Angkore

We have repeatedly asked how much moped is (he is a scooter), where to rent. So here – Nowhere and in no way. No matter how surprisingly, but it is in the silent repaire rental for tourists forbidden. In the theory, yes, you can find somewhere in someone, pay a little, but the likelihood is that if the police will see, stop and arrange interrogation with the addiction. Most likely, they are finished with a small babies (then you are bribe), but nafig would need it. We cost bikes.

Housing in Siem Repa

Details about the search for housing in Siem Repaa, about various options, as well as about the hotel in which we lived, read in this article. To speak briefly, in fact, the three most common accommodation options are possible:

    Additional search and booking Hotels and Guesthouses. For these purposes, you can take advantage of popular tourists with search engines like Booking.COM and Hotellook.

What is this resource and how to use them read in my article instruction.

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