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Unlike the administrator, in the hands of which there is only a handle, a mouse, a cup of coffee and the keys from numbers, the maid tool is a heavy truck with a bunch of detergents and accessories, which must be constantly moving from place to place.

My working day starts from 8 am, but you need to come in advance. The administrator records the service in which you work, surname and arrival time (the same procedure and after the end of the working day).

For one shift we remove an average of 10 to 20 numbers depending on the loading of the number Fund and the area of ​​the room. Fed during the working day for free and pretty tasty.

Remove the number – not the same thing that remove your room. Here and the tight rules of the hotel administration, and not always adequate customers. And in addition to all, we have to see what no one would like to see, and launder what no one would like to wash, but it always "keep yourself in your hands" and not go beyond work. Nevertheless, the service personnel – the "face" of the hotel.

Maids 18-25 years often cause irritation from jealous wives, spending the topics of family vacation, and in fact they really begin to arrange a personal life, flirting with guests

"This is your job ..!"

In my work there is strictly regulated almost every step. For example, remove the number better before lunch, with clients you need to communicate only on the themes of cleaning or services provided by the hotel. Yes, in terms of any relationship with customers, everything is very strict! In fact, the staff is even the first to peer with guests, only if they themselves turn. In no case can not appear in the "mass accumulation of guests" in everyday clothes.

Today the maids are worn and skirts (below the knee) with apron, and uniform pants. My workwear involves carrying trousers with a wide elastic band in tone with a shirt and closed shoes (socks in color shoes) with non-slip sole. It is necessary that in uniforms it is free and easily breathing – the maid is constantly leaked, raises hands, and it is important that the clothes during cleaning will not throw movement. The form after each shift is passing into the laundry. Still in the laundry dirty underwear from numbers, he is considered and give out exactly as much as they took.

Communication rules with guests

Guests appeal to me not only with a request to remove in the room or move the bed, but also for help, laundry and dry cleaning services. (About what strange requests come from hotel guests and how they are executed, read the article "My Planet" "How it is arranged: Concierge Service".) An unhappy guest for the hotel is an anti-advertising source, so a smile is the first and important rule that any maid must observe.

If the guest drew attention to your frowny or sad view during the work shift, he, of course, will not say anything to you. But if the administrator sees you with such a "grimace" to the hotel’s video surveillance chamber, then, most likely, will make a warning, and in extreme cases, the eternally dissatisfied employee can dismiss.

At the same time, the maid should remain "invisible". If necessary – politely and correctly redirect guests to various services, in whose competence the solution of certain issues.

About fines and forgotten things

The work of the maid is under the tireless control on the part of not only guests, but also its immediate superiors – the older maid. We also often check the quality control service. In fact, not enough quality work make a warning or penalty.

A rather unpleasant moment is deduction from the salary (and the maid pay a little) of the amount of money that the hotel was lost in the form of a broken inventory or the property stolen. This happens if the shortage is detected after the hotel has already moved out of the room. That is why before the discharge employee of the hotel (administrator) checks the client number. If just dirty, then nothing. And if something is broken, then the guest is obliged to pay.

From one room a couple managed to steal a table lamp, a picture and even a remote control

It happens that young people still have inexperienced maids arises temptation to carry something out of the room. Somehow we got a new girl to work. And now we are talking, and she pulls out a gold earrings from his pocket. Shows (self-satisfied) and says that the bed was filled in the room where the married couple stopped, and under the pillow found an earring. Customers moved, and no one even unwound. Left himself so to speak.

And guests often forget things in bedside tables, most often it is charging, handles, books. But with me, nothing super supro. Typically, relate to the forgotten administrator. Guest can pick up a thing if he was written off, but will return to the luggage, or in the next arrival (if the permanent client). He can also ask to send the subject by the delivery service, but then independently pays all expenses.

Work on the regulations

During harvesting, some sequence is observed: ventilating, then cleaning the room and bathroom. After that it is necessary to check the self-function, switches, sockets, lamps, TV, telephone, refrigerator. Paper and documents generally bypass, but if the table is a cosmetics, charging or desk book – we will smack dust. Sometimes we can smell perfume (if you stand in a prominent place), but no more.

When you work directly in the room, it is forbidden: leave a cart in the corridor in front of the door of the room, close in the room, watch TV, listen to music, enjoy the toilet, bathroom and other equipment, smoking in the room, sit without doing, and even more so spend time with the guest. And of course, touch your personal belongings.

The main rule that is being carried out strictly: cleaning is carried out only in the absence of a guest. And before crossing the threshold of the room, the maid should make sure that the guest is not indoors. To do this, she should knock three times in the door and loudly call his department. If the answer does not follow – after 10 seconds it is necessary to repeat the procedure. And if there was no answer again, then open the door to my key and once again say the name of the department. It happens that the guest does not hear the maid. If he is sleeping, just silently go out, come to be cleared later. If the guests caught in an awkward position (disguised), do not say "Oh!"And pop up the door. It is necessary to make it clear that nothing special happened, to apologize with a quiet face ("I apologize!») And a normal step to get out, carefully closing the door behind you. You should come to remove the number later. If the guest is in the room and sees the maid, you must apologize and ask when you can clean.

Current cleaning takes an average of 20-40 minutes if with a change in bed linen – 50 minutes. Bed linen always changes the departure, a curtain in the shower – too. And if the guest lives for a long time, the bed linen changes every two days (in our hotel). Some of our guests are asked to change the underwear every day (or I see the need for this) – then I do not feel sorry!

Sometimes it happens that the guest refuses cleaning, then just take the garbage from him and deliver hygiene, changing the towels, if necessary.

Guests are different

I never had any special problems with guests, but curious episodes still happened. Once the intelligent lady managed to steal from the room towel, a glass and spoons. The director did not communicate with her (she stayed for a long time, so I forgave). Said it happens and worse. Under the "worst" he meant the case when from one room a couple managed to steal a table lamp, a picture and even a remote control from the TV.

In one of the rooms, the bathroom door was glad to some brown paint. As it turned out (during the searches of the garbage bucket), paint for hair. Well this is how it was necessary to manage my hair to paint, so that there is also the door at the same time! Yes, and the sink was in black divorces (either from the carcass, or from a pencil). I had to work hard ..

But, probably, the most awkward case that happened to me. I fell to remove the number, it knocked on the door to cleaning three times, no one answers – it seems there is no guest, you can get out. I go into the room – And the truth, there is no one, the bed is shining, relatively pure. Only started working, opened the bathroom door, and there the young man sits on the toilet with the phone in his hands and headphones. I did not expect to see this – I was even frightened (and he did not respond to it, although later, having met me in the corridor, I was angry, but did not come with complaints). Hurried to apologize for the invasion and left the number.

Anonymous Maid interview

Surprisingly, men in the room always happen … and after foreign guests – almost the perfect order, as if no one lived here

About the wildest stories that happened in hotels, "My Planet" wrote in the material "Hotel "Misunderstanding"".

And when I was arranged to the work of the maid, it was terribly afraid of stories from a movie about terrible dirt and uncomfortable things after guests in the rooms (although not a squeaming). Often found on the bed and under it used contraceptives, gel lubricants, even the bra left (in the bathroom a couple of times found women’s panties on the dryer). And immediately clear who stayed here.

An experienced maid for the state of the room and the presence of belved things may come to determine who lived in this issue. Surprisingly, men in the room always read. Women leave personal hygiene and often cosmetics. But after foreign guests – almost the perfect order, as if no one lived here (although not about all foreigners say this). Usually beds are accurately filled, the whole garbage is assembled in the bucket (as if they want to reduce the maid number of work).

In general, the professional maid should be very observant. After all, you can learn the habits and preferences of the client. And therefore, and earn good tips.

Earn money

Tips Guests leave – this is a global practice. Of course, you are not obliged to give them, but if you want to thank a person for a qualitatively performed work (more intellite maids are always tip), then why not.

Stayed in our hotel Elderly couple, husband and wife, pretty active and pleasant people. I did in their number several times cleaning, everything is as expected, it seems nothing special. When they left, the woman approached me and thanked for cleanliness and timely cleaning (also changed bed linen at their request) and gave 500 rubles.

If you have little money left, it is better not to give tips in generally than to give little. In addition to tip, guests are constantly left food

Leaving maid tips, many guests think that it will more often change bedding and towels – but it is not. This procedure depends on the inner routine at the hotel, and not from the maid. But cleaning can become more qualified and thorough.

If you have little money left, it is better not to give tips in general, than to give a little (you can and offend nonsense). By the way, many guests note that it would be better to include tips in the room rate.

Maid Tips leave on the bed. If you leave them on the table or on the bedside table, we can decide that you just forgot your money, and do not take them.

In addition to the tips, guests are constantly leaving food: cookies, yogurts, fruits, vegetables, fast food noodles – most often. They take them with them for lunch or snack.

In the evening you get tired specifically. First of all, the legs are mad and swell their feet! And there are side effects from work with cleaning agents. Even in gloves, the skin flies (peeling), and no creams are already saved. So, before you go to such work, it is worth a pretty thought – you need it?

In the continuation of the series of anonymous interviews, we recorded a conversation with air traffic controlher and travel agent.

Anonymous Maid interview

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