Arabs and Pyramids (brief report on the trip to Hurghada)

In Moscow, it was the beginning of February, snow and slush. I wanted the sea, summer and sun. Since I and my wife avid Internet users, to find travel agencies, we first used the network. Of all online travel agencies, we most liked the travel agency Pelikan-Raisen (WWW.Pelikan.RU). The site is not bad, convenient in navigation, beautiful pictures and so on. The site on the Internet is already talking about some travel agency solidity. Run ahead, I can say that in general, we did not make a mistake. Nothing super-distinguished from our travel agency saw, but also nothing bad to say about him either. There were minor pads with excursions, but in general everything went smoothly. And Thanks. February 13, we flew to Hurghada. In Sheremetyevo-2, as always, there was a full bardak, two flights with the same time landing on the plane were allowed into one gate, there was a terrible attack, but it was not the worst. We flew by the charter flight of the company AJT on IL-86. Sitting a plane I was surprised to find out that the flight is non-smoking! That is 5 hours of flight – without a single cigarette! Smoking can not be smoked – even in toilets. I had to endure. This is me to the fact that AJT is not the best company for smokers.

Upon arrival at the Hurghad airport, we were planted on a bus with an inscription Spring Tours, it was a busy agency with which our travel agency works, and drained on hotels. In Moscow, we have chosen the Sindbad Beach Hotel ****, and I must say that I was not mistaken – the hotel is really good. Moreover, of all hotels that we saw in Hurghada, all the degrees of star, we liked most – this, you agree, it is rare. In general, Hurghada began to be complained relatively recently, and therefore the territory of hotels is a life-giving green oasis against the background of universal construction. Square meter of land in Hurghada, or, if more precisely – sand, because there are no lands there as a class, it was still recently 1 Egyptian pound (about 0.3 $). The land was redeemed, began to be built, and now the price is already not a pound. Some hotels are quite far from the rest, so if you want to go somewhere, you need to catch BUS, about them later.

A little about our hotel (Sindbad Beach) for those who decide to go exactly there (very recommended). The territory is large, located next to the sea, the rooms are very pleasant, with powerful air conditioning, shower, telephone and TV, which takes 20 channels, including RTR. Hotel very green, extensive lawns everywhere. Several times I even saw or her arms, or a stork, who is important to packed in these lawns. The hotel has a swimming pool with a mini-water park, for guests for free, for the rest of 50.pounds. A bunch of restaurants, disco (they say – the smallest in Hurghada, but I was not on others, so I can not say anything about this), beer bar with billiards and the Internet (!), which costs 20 local pounds per hour, but at a certain time a 30% discount, its submarine for looking at underwater beauties, by the way the only thing in Hurghada, his diving center and, of course, his beach. What is important for those who speak Russian only, a Russian girl Lena works at the reception. As one Arab told me, Sinbad is a good hotel, but the service is bad there. I would not say that, but I have nothing to compare, so it may well be. Yes, and not for the service I arrived in Hurghada. I liked the hotel.

Currency – Egyptian pound. $ 1 = 3.4. pounda. In one Ech. pound – 100 piastra. Course Stable. Change can be changed at the airport or at the hotel. There is also bank du cairo. In principle, if it really moved – you can also change the shop owner, but in this case you have to be attentive to not be checked.

Movement – on mini bass, which clouds hunt passengers. This is expressed in the fact that as soon as you went on the road, all passing minibasy consider their duty at the sight of you loudly be boring and slowed down. And at that time, the driver, leaning out of the window, is loudly calling you to sit down in his minibus. Despite the fact that these minibas go with a frequency somewhere one in 10-15 seconds, and you want to walk on foot, it tires it a bit. We just went to the other side of the road. It helps. But even in this case, some particularly speech minibas are trying to lean you to go to the other side. They look like our raffiki, they are dirty and usually playing Arabic music. But I personally liked to ride. It is worth all the pleasure of 1 pound, regardless of destination. It is better to specify when landing – whether it is or where, because if there was no one in it when you sat down, the bass may not plant anyone, take you and declare that this taxi. Respectively and remove with you as a taxi. Love these Arabs such cute jokes 🙂

In Moscow, we decided to take an open jeep rental and go to Cairo or Luxor themselves than pay $ 70 for a tour. But upon arrival it turned out to be unrealistic, both for money and convenience. The fact is that recently Islamic fundamentalists blew up a bus with German tourists and therefore the Egyptian authorities so as not to lose profits from tourism, have introduced some measures. The measures are expressed in the fact that at every intersection there is an automatic machine, and all the Hurghada is charged with two rows of barbed wire with mines between them. In general, if you want to go from Hurghada to Cairo (600 km.), You will have to go with "Caravan", that is, with police guard. The caravan is formed from tourist buses and individual cars, goes around 3.15 nights. In Hurghad, only one car rental firm gives insurance, it seems called Hertz. Prices there approximately $ 60 per 100 km. per day + 0.$ 49 for each additional kilometer. So we decided not to get involved.

Road traffic in Egypt is a separate song. Everyone is chased as caustic and at the same time there will be loudly. All problems are solved by these interruptions.There is even a sign, even a sign hanging – crossed out. Denotes "Do not bibit".

And in the general road signs there is practically no. But the local services will cope with this differently. In Hurghada every five hundred meters on the road "Lying police". Apparently, otherwise all tourists would have been transmitted long ago;) in Cairo for 18 million inhabitants – 9 (!) Traffic lights. I saw the landing in public transport. The bus is traveling on the third strip, lingering to the stop slightly slows down, from there, people pop out on the go, and, having lavish among the stream of cars, run to the stop. Another part of people at the same time runs through the whole road to the bus and jumps into it on the go. Disabled, old people, children – does not matter. Just like our paratroopers;)

Shopping. I must immediately say that there is nothing to buy in Egypt. This is not a shopping country. But as souvenirs, you can buy fragrant oils, of which the perfumes of all known firms are made, alabastric figures (they call it alabaster, but in my opinion it is not like this) yellow, and probably still gold.

All this is selling there at every step in the same assortment and huge quantities. Yes, and also – you can buy hookah. Real price – about 80-100 pounds. For big money do not buy. It is necessary to bargain everywhere! As we explained the tour lift towards the hotel, they call you the price – you take 25% of it and start to bargain from this mark. Half prices are able to strike, or even more. If not managed – go to another shop, maybe it will be possible. Arabs merchants are all very friendly, smile, almost everyone speaks a little in Russian. However, as in other European languages. After all, the entire income in Hurghad goes from tourists. 100%.

Tour losers scared us that all Arabs are a national sport to deceive stupid tourists, but it turned out only partly the truth. Yes, a couple of times we tried to fool the waiter in the hotel’s restaurant. Once the driver of a minibus is deceived again, giving a maturity. But in general, the Arabs are very friendly to the Russian. We noticed that the less Arab is connected with the service of tourists, the more honest. This is not always a rule, there are pleasant exceptions. For example, our corridor gave us a poultry statuette, without demanding nothing in return. On the last day, when we passed near the shop, in which at the beginning of the holiday, we bought some kind of trinket, from there I jumped his master, dragged us to him. A hookah appeared by a mig, the owner brought the carcade (there is a lamp tea, red, very good, they say, reduces the pressure of hypertensive), put Russian pop. And for all this absolutely did not require money. It all ended with the fact that we sat there for three hours, smoking a hookah and chatting with the owner. And this despite the fact that we immediately told him that we have no money (they really were not, they spent everything). He did not offer us anything to buy. How he explained, everyone who he had something bought, no matter what, he is always happy to see in his shop. Moreover, he loves Russian very much and studies Russian. Moreover, after that, he invited us at his own expense (!) in coffee shop, drink coffee, play dominoes, smoke hookah. And when we said that we have no money on the bass to even get to it, he expressed full willingness to give us 2 pounds for travel (!). The shop of this cute person is near the Sigal Square in Down Town, on the street, which leads back to the hotel strip. If you face the Joker’s restaurant, this street will right from him, and the shop at the beginning of the street.

By the way about the Joker fish restaurant. View from him – like our dining room. Waiters sometimes make you wait. But. Very low prices, Fresh fish dishes. If you like fishing kitchen – you go there. We went there for a kilogram of lobster. This is the only expensive dish there. 1 kg. – 70 pounds. But if you do not order them – you can eat from the soul by 15-20 pounds per person. Highly recommend.

Arabs and Pyramids (brief report on the trip to Hurghada)

Crime, with the exception of fundamentalists, in Egypt no. So you can walk through the streets of Hurghada and in the evening and at night completely nothing and no one fear. Curious fact – for the year in Cairo, it was vigorous only 9 (!) Car.

Drugs are prohibited there, but smoke hashish or marijuana there many. It is worth this pleasure as much as we have in Moscow. But it is not a fact that you will slip a quality product. I did not buy anything, and there was no money for it. She passed like that at night near the shop with a familiar merchant, he treated me completely free cigarette with marijuana. The quality was excellent.

Tips We only gave the corridor and waiters in restaurants. Pound is normal tips. In restaurants you can and more.

I recommend to get a diver certificate before traveling to Egypt. Sea there is very warm and very beautiful. However, the certificate can be obtained there. The four-day Padi course (professional organization of instructors) is there from 290 dollars. Diving is generally the thing for which it costs to go to Egypt. Do not refuse it. Without a diver certificate, a trip to riffs for a whole day costs from 40 to $ 60, with a certificate much cheaper.

The tour lift suggested that we excursions in Luxor, Cairo, on safari for Beduins, which "Dancing fountains" and diving. There were also excursions on a sailing yacht, on a submarine and on catamaran. We went only to Cairo ($ 75) and diving ($ 60), as it was not enough money. It was possible to go to Luxor ($ 70) instead of Cairo, especially since people who are and there and there, unambiguously separated by Luxor. But to visit Egypt and not "celebrate" Near the pyramids – nonsense.

And about Bedouins the guide told a joke. For some reason, all women, coming to the Bedouins, were very interested in the question where they bury their dead. Bedouins have long thought for a long time, that, they say, in the desert somewhere there. But this question arose with such constancy, and only women (!) that one day when the guide brought another batch of tourists, by 100% the question of one of the women: "And where you buried your dead?", Bedouin calmly showed her graveyard with tombstones. Guide naturally dried jaw. He approached Bedouin and asked by Arabic: "Where does it come from. ". To which he answered: "A, yesterday made" :)))). And normal such a cemetery, 50 tombstones, everything is as required. So Bedouins there are not very bing. At least those to which you are lucky.

I hope this my report will help you get more pleasure and reduce trouble. And in general, Egypt is a very cute country. I got a sea of ​​pleasure, going there. What do you want!

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