Best Brands Sweden in Fashion World

Hennes and Mauritz – Extremely popular worldwide brand in the field of fashion, attracting special attention in recent years due to its special collections from celebrities such as Madonna, Jimmy Chu and Roberto Cavalli (all of them, of course, are not Swedes). However, brand H&M, as is known to most buyers on the fashionable streets of world capitals, the same true Swedish as ABBA or "Buffet".

So why are the Swedish companies so successful in retail (remember the furniture giant IKEA), and on which brands of the world fashion should pay attention when you arrive in Sweden? Given the experience of Sweden in the global promotion of their ideas and products, it is possible that at the closest shopping street, the fashionable brands mentioned in this article will soon appear in the Swedish land. So why wait? Come to Sweden and look at them where they come from.

Future Swedish fashion

Despite its name, the company FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR (FASR) There is no store on Fifth Avenue and she does not repair shoes – she is engaged in fashionable design, and its store is located at M&# 228; Ster SMUELSGATAN 2 in Stockholm. Minimalism, Clean lines and commitment to traditional Crow feature a company representing a duet of fashion designers Astrid Ollson and whether the cat.

Filippa K – a recognized brand of male and female fashion clothes with numerous boutiques and franchise shops in Sweden and throughout Europe. As Filippa Knutsson says, combinations of clothing and accessories "It is characterized by forever fashionable simplicity and bar", This brand is for "Urban residents". If you are a town-dweller, this is a brand for you.

Odd Molly – This is a Swedish brand of fashionable clothes, which is already sold in 38 countries around the world. This house of fashion recently opened its "central" Store in Stockholm and is going to expand the range of products offered by including a gamut cosmetics and men’s clothing. Brand’s motto – " Love, courage and honesty".

BJ&# 246; RN BORG – Biorn Borg, "Little man" From Sweden, was the king of tennis, it seemed to be a whole eternity in the 1970s and 1980s. He also became famous for becoming the first tennis celebrity, whose name appeared on the collection of men’s underwear. Now it is present on a wide range of male and female fashionable clothes, which you can buy in the main store of the company in Stockholm.

Continues the sports topic Swedish brand fashionable and sportswear J. Lindemberg, which has become and remains famous thanks to the beautiful models in which the Swedish player Jesser Parnev washed on the site for golf throughout the world. The company also produces ski suits, male and women’s clothing, which is sold in 25 countries around the world. And, of course, in Stockholm.

Best Brands Sweden in Fashion World

Acne Began as a creative group in Stockholm in 1996. – released a hundred pairs of jeans of their own design and distributed them to relatives and friends. Since then, they constantly receive awards for design in Sweden and around the world, and the collection of male and female fashionable clothes are now sold in numerous stores that are mainly located in Europe, and one – in New York. There are also two stores in Stockholm and another in Gothenburg.

Cheap Monday – Fashionable brand with a logo in the form of a skull on jeans and clothing. After a modest start in 2004, the brand is sold now in stores of 30 countries, and just the company has opened its first store in Copenhagen. You can be sure that it is an absolutely Swedish brand offering inexpensive high-quality clothes and jeans.

Design of Swedish brand fashion clothes WhyRed Draws inspiration in music, artistic scenes and the cult style of the 1960s. With collections of the company you can get acquainted in its central store at M address&# 228; Ster SamuelSgatan 5 in Stockholm and in corporate stores in Gothenburg and Malmo.

MiniMarket, Swedish designer brand of women’s clothing, made a sensation on "Opening ceremonies" In Manhattan, his debut line "Volumeful" Models of outerwear. Trio designers, Sophie Elvestedt and the two of her twin sisters Jennifer and Pernilla Elvestedt, recently released a new line called "Mini for all", Sold in Stockholm shops and throughout Europe.

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