Budget holidays in Europe: Is there such?

Contrary to popular belief, in European countries you can relax with comfort, but budget. What kind of countries where the Russian tourist of the middle hand is waiting? We estimate the list.


The first listed is Bulgaria. And indeed it is. Flight to one person to the country will cost 12,000 rubles. Most beaches in the country are functioning under the blue flag (clean and landscaped).

Five-star hotel can be booked for 57 euros, and rent an apartment – for 1500 rubles. Products and food in the country are also relatively inexpensive. For example, if you do not want to break your head in search of housing, then In travel agency, you can buy a ticket to the country for two a week on average for 40,000 rubles.


Air travel to this delightful country will cost 13,000 rubles, and low season can be found for 8000 rubles. Accommodation can be removed on average for 5,000 rubles per day, and the hotel will cost 120 euros. Each tourist will be able to dine for 20 euros per person. Attention! You can combine pleasant with useful in January and July. After all, it is at this time in the country Peak Sales: All things are selling almost at their cost. Refer to travel agency and it will recommend a tour for a week for two for 70,000 rubles.


Also one of the most budget countries for recreation in South Eastern Europe. There are in Romania to see: medieval castles, mineral springs, ski resorts, amazing nature.

Budget holidays in Europe exist such

Flight to the country will cost 13,000 rubles. Rent housing will be convenient for the amount of 1500 rubles, and you can book a three star hotel for 28 euros you day. Rade food in the cafe will cost 4 euros, and the ride in the subway – 0.5 euros. Tourist company can organize a rest couple for a week to a country for 45,000 rubles together with air tickets.


In Montenegro, there is all: a soft climate, a variety of natural landscapes, a rich historical past. In the summer, on the plane you can fly for 14,000 rubles, And in the low season there are tickets for 9000 rubles.

Vacationers apartments will cost 35 euros, and hostel for 25 euros per day. For a huge portion of business – Lunch in a cafe give 6 euros, and the usual breakfast with a cup of coffee will cost 3 euros. Such a small country tourists circle for 3-5 days on a rented car in 80 euros, the bus ticket will cost 2 euros. For the tour to the country on the average per week will have to give 55,000 rubles.

These are the most sought-after directions for budget holidays among Russians. But there is still Poland, Hungary, Finland. Where to go? You decide.

Budget holidays in Europe exist such

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