Bus service in Poland

Bus transport – a popular way of traveling around Poland: Routes of domestic operators connect all major and small cities of the country.

Usually the bus station is located directly in the center of the settlement. In Warsaw, there are 4 bus terminals at once. The ticket can be purchased at the checkout, and you can pay for the fare to the driver, but in this case the trip will cost more.

The longest bus trip through the whole country will take about 11 hours and will cost about € 25.

One of the largest carriers is the company "Polonus" (www.PKSpolonus.PL). Buses of this operator are very comfortable: they are equipped with free Wi-Fi, each locomotive is located. Traveling from Warsaw to Krakow will take about 6 hours and will cost a passenger of 9.5 euros (40 zł). Also, this road carrier is responsible for the international message: Polonus routes are laid in Russia and to Ukraine. You can order tickets online at WWW.pxbilety.PL.

Competition "Polonus" Makes the company POLSKIBUS (WWW.Polskibus.COM / EN). This carrier is responsible for the Western European Direction: its buses go to the Czech Republic, Germany and other countries. Ticket price on the same route "Warsaw-Krakow" It will be a little more expensive – about 10.5 euros, but the tourist will arrive at the destination for an hour faster. Buses are also equipped with all needed long-day travel amenities, including free Wi-Fi. In addition, they are suitable for transporting passengers with disabilities.

Another Local Carrier – Polski Express (WWW.Polskiexpress.Rozjazdy.PL).

International transportation is carried out mainly by international carriers – companies Ecolines, Intercars and other. The cost of a trip from Warsaw to Moscow will be about 80 euros.

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Bus service in Poland

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