Buses to Finland

"Matkahuolto" – a state company that carries out long-distance bus passenger and freight transportation in almost all parts of Finland.

  • Turku – Helsinki, travel time – 2 h 45 minutes, one-way ticket cost – 30.5 euros;
  • Helsinki – Tampere, travel time – 2 hours 25 minutes, the cost of one-way ticket – 26.3 euros;
  • Turku – Tampere, travel time – 3 h 5 minutes, one-way ticket cost – 24.8 euros;

For single trips in the offices of the company, you can purchase a regular paper ticket, but if you plan to move frequently, it is better to purchase a pass, which is a card to which the amount is made, and then written off after each trip depending on the route. Card Card – 6.5 Euro.

Types of travel

  • "BUS PASS" – an unlimited number of trips throughout the country (with the exception of the Helsinki region and Turku) within 7 (149 euros) or 14 days (249 euros);
  • Buses to Finland
  • "Regional" – An unlimited number of trips within one region (you must first select one of 40 regions of the country) up to 30 days. Discount when purchasing a pass of up to 50% compared with a single ticket;
  • "CityCity" – For trips between two predetermined items. Valid until 120 days. The cost of the pass – 240 euros. The number of trips depends on the selected route (from 8 to 36 trips): For example, on the route "Helsinki – Tampere" or "Helsinki – Turku" you can make only 16 trips.

Types of discounts:

    When buying a ticket in both directions – 10%;

"Onnibus" – The first bus budget company in Finland, the office of which is in Tampere. Its main rule – low ticket costs.

  • Tampere – Pori
  • Tampere – Helsinki
  • Raisio – Turku – Helsinki
  • Tampere – Hämeenlinna
  • Hämeenlinna – Helsinki
  • Turku – Helsinki, travel time – 2 h 40 minutes, the cost of a one-way ticket – 20 euros;
  • Tampere – Helsinki, travel time – 2 h 30 minutes, the cost of one-way ticket – 17 euros; / list]
  • "Peruslippu" – Normal (full) ticket: when buying via the Internet – from 3 euros; When buying a driver – from 15 to 20 euros;
  • "Pätkälippu" – A ticket for travel to the distance to 100 km along the routes from Tampere to Pori (6 euros) and from Turku to Helsinki (10 euros) or less than 65 km from Tampere to Helsinki (10 euros);

The company’s website is available only in Finnish.

Below is a translation into Russian, some of the designations that are used when purchasing a ticket on the site:

Buses to Finland

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