Buzios (Buzios)

Buzios (Buzios), official name ArmaSan Dus Buzius (Armação DOS Búzios) – Resort town on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the east of Brazil, located 20 km north-east of Kabi Frieu and 165 km east of Rio de Janeiro. Population – 28,278 people (2011).

Until the 1960s, Buzios was a modest fishing village and its international popularity as «Brazilian Saint-Tropez» acquired thanks to the French actress Bridget Bardo, who rested here in 1964 and fell in love with this place.

Today, Buzios is a popular international resort with an active nightlife and restaurants, stretching at the peninsula, about 8 km long and visited by numerous tourists, mainly Argentines and Brazilians. Cruise liners are also often stopped here.

Buzios attracts its 23 beautiful beaches, excellent conditions for surfing and sailing sports, as well as a unique combination of provincial charm and first-class infrastructure.

Rua Das Pedras (Rua Das Pedras) – the main street of the resort, with numerous shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

On the territory of the entire peninsula a pleasant microclimate with rare precipitation and an average annual air temperature +24…+26 °C. Here two times solar than in the Rio de Janeiro itself.

The inappropriate season for visiting Buzios does not exist, but it is believed that the best time to relax in the resort — From November to March and June-July (high season). Low season – March-May and from August to October.

But in April and May here will certainly enjoy married couples, at this time life in the resort «Takes». December – the most "revolving" and the most expensive month (high prices).

There are 23 beautiful sandy beaches on the territory of Buzios and some of them are located in very picturesque bays.

The beaches of the west coast of the peninsula offer calm, clean waters, while on the east coast, overlooking the open sea, the beaches are a bit more wild and attract Surfers and fans of water sports.

Among the main beaches of Buzios are allocated:

Geriba (Geribá) – Lumpy beach, length of about 2 km, with small white sand and waves. Great for Surfing, Beach Football and Volleyball, Sailing Sports.

Joan Fernandez (JOão Fernandes) – A small picturesque beach on the north-west coast of the peninsula, a great place for lovers of a good service and sunbathe. There are numerous bars in which seafood can be enjoyed.

FERRADURA (Ferradura) – Located in the picturesque bay in the shape of a horseshoe, there are many bars offering typical Brazilian drinks and seafood.

Ferradurinha (Ferradurinha) – small beach, one of the best in the resort. Its calm waters are ideal for snorkeling, and amateurs of acute sensations can engage in water with one of the local picturesque rocks.

Armacau (Armaç&# 227; O) – This beach is popular with surf lovers.

Buzios (Buzios)

Mangianos (Manguinhos) – Popular from windsurfing lovers.

Tartaruga (Tartaruga) – In the coastal waters of this beach, coral colonies live, so it is especially well suited for diving.

OSSUS (Ossos) – It is on this beach that the first emigrants began to rebuild fishing huts, putting the beginning of the formation of the new resort Buzios.

Brava (BRAVA) – Great place for surfers and fishermen held here days and nights.

Olho-Di-BOI (Olho-de-Boi) – Popular beach from lovers of nudism.

Buzios is located 165 km east of Rio de Janeiro and 20 km north-east of Kabu Frou.

Transport company « 1001 » Exercises from 8 to 12 bus flights a day from Rio (on the way about 3 hours,

Also often run buses between Buziosome and Kabi Frieu (

5 BRL), which along the way make stops along Avenida Ribeiro Dantas and Estrada da USINA.

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