Cafe and restaurants in Cyprus: Personal experience

A restaurant "Izich Pinat" ("Ezic Peanuts"), Located on the seashore, from where a chic look and a wonderful sunset.

It is called so because all visitors at the time of waiting for the preparation of ordered dishes bring salted nuts (naturally, free of charge). And also, the tricks of the restaurant are tables, with a hole for garbage)))

All waiters speak Turkish and English, some even started learning the Russian language in order to create additional comfort to Russian-speaking customers. The restaurant has a very good diverse menu. A huge amount of meat to choose from, for every taste and color, which, naturally, is brought with four appetizers. Paradise for meatseedov. Large selection of salads, pastes, burgers, Mexican Fakhitos and Chinese noodles.

The establishment that has opened last summer and has become very popular with local residents and guests Kyrenia. Place where you can spend time and eat sweets! A cafe "The Cacao" ("Cocoa"), is located on the main road towards the harbor in Kyrenia, opposite the coffee shop "Gloria Jeans", amounted to decent competition network mini cafes "MARDO". V "Cocoa" There are not only ice cream, but also delicious pizza and pastry, and homemade chocolate, and salads, and burgers and much more. Large selection of chocolate candies, waffles with condensed milk or latch.

Waiters talk in English, so there will be no difficulties with the order. The menu is brought on the tablets, which is the brand of this institution. You can choose a dish in the picture and show its waiter not to fall in long explanations.

Another favorite in the restaurant sphere became pizzeria "Manipeni". It is said that this is almost the only pizzeria on Skiper, which prepares pizza right, t.E. with meat ingredients that should be! This is due to the fact that the country is still Muslim, so in almost all establishments of meat in the pizza beef or chicken, and not a pork prosciutto, as it should be on the recipe. Pizza sinter, I want to tell you, well, very impressive 30 cm for 15 tl and 50 cm for 30 tl. Slim dough, stuffing a lot. Pizza options mass hardly make a choice. Pizza – not the only component menu. It is very diverse and everyone can find a dish of the soul. Meat, salads, burgers, pizza, paste and t.D.

The establishment is located near the cafe "Shooter’s", which is located on the first ring in Kyrenia.

In the center of the city, opposite the hotel "The colony",Located one of the most interesting restaurants in Kyrenia "THE HOUSE AND GARDEN". This restaurant attracts hotel guests, ordinary tourists and locals not only with a wide range of delicious dishes, but also an unusual interior. According to rumors, in this institution there was a library before. And the owners of the restaurant tried to keep the spirit and the situation of this house.

The restaurant has several small halls, different in size, the number of tables and designer design. In each hall of the restaurant has its own "Raisinka" In the interior, every detail, the color solution of the rooms is thought out.

There you can make a lot of beautiful photos, setting up a photo session waiting for your dish.

Kebaby in Northern Cyprus are a lot, they are located every five meters, and sometimes next to each other, so you will definitely not be hungry. It is worth such a charm of 6 to 10 lire, depending on the place.

In the restaurant, Lavash, you can try many different types of traditional cuisine – Kebabov.

Cafe and restaurants in Cyprus Personal experience

It is located on the main road to the left, if you go from the harbor of Kyrenia.

Being in the Kyrenia Harbor, I really advise you to try donadurma – Turkish ice cream. You will get real pleasure from taste and from the presentation that awaits you.

Cozy restaurant in the center of Harbor – Kibris Evi, with traditional Cypriot food and cheap prices. He is visited by a lot of local, it means that the food is there really, delicious. The tables are located and inside the cafe and on the terrace for which you need to climb the stairs. The menu includes all traditional dishes of Northern Cyprus: meat, salads, a variety of snacks, baking, sweets and much more. The most expensive dish – 18.50TL (314 rubles), which is very surprising for such a tourist place.

Prices in gastronomic establishments of the Turkish part of Cyprus

Standard tourist places in Kyrenia near the Embankment of the democratism of prices, well, do not differ in any way, but where local people eat – no prices, nor understanding of hygiene. Even if something and scratched on the wall, it is in Turkish, so you will not understand what how much costs. And even more so unclear what exactly is offered in the menu.

And since they do not want to ramp themselves, you constantly feel yourself if not deceived, then – close to this. We, the product of the European Trade Culture for Fixed Prices, not very comfortable in the world in the world of permanent price nonsense. Personally, I just get tired of it incredible, I have no need for any product. And the seller is awesome, yes? – asked himself, and himself is not trading. )

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