Calcutta: Harmony in contrasts

Calcutta – city in the eastern part of India. It is located in Delta the most important and revered by all Indians of the Holy River Gang. Calcutta is The capital of Indian state West Bengal. The population of the city is 4.5 million people. According to this indicator, Calcutta occupies the fourth place in the country, but in its area it is inferior to the championship only the city of Mumbai.


Tropical climate Calcutta dictates Hot summer weather, which is also different high relative humidity. At this time of the year, southwestern monsoons carry heavy tropical rains here. An increase in the amount of precipitation occurs from May to October.

The highest average temperature indicator falls on May and equal to + 30,31. But this is only the average, the maximum values ​​are often excavated for the mark +40. In the winter months, the number of rains is noticeably reduced. The average temperature of January + 18.6 ° C.

Road from the airport

Calcutta Airport has a convenient service for the delivery of passengers to any area of ​​the city "Prepaid Taxi". Racks with the title of this service are right in the airport building. All Prepaid Taxi cars look the same type, are on one parking lot and free cars they always have a lot.

In addition, it is possible to take advantage of departure to the city Rental car, route bus or suburban train. True, an option with a conventional bus and train does not imply the presence of comfortable vehicle conditions. These vehicles, due to their cheapness, are usually always crowded. But from here you can go on a comfortable, equipped with air conditioning bus, and it will be worth it for much more.

Walk through Calcutta

Impressions from the visit of India are often ambiguous. Neutral reviews of tourists about this country a little.

Most often on rumor diametrically opposite, emotional statements. Some people pronounce full rejection, others are ready to spend here all their remaining life. It is possible to plunge into this sea of ​​emotions, walking along the streets of colorful Country Calcutta. In fact, Calcutta is a very beautiful city. The magnificent architecture of buildings reflects the cultural tradition of Bengal and the era of English colonial dominion.

Calcutta Harmony in contrasts

Worthy attractions here are countless. I want to see everything here, and magnificent palaces and poor quarters, and traditional ritual events that sometimes seem incredibly interesting, and sometimes they just do not fit in the established ideas about life.

The familiar life of local citizens, seeing harmony in all manifestations of their being, is not always clear to a foreigner. One of the manifestations of this misunderstanding is to attitude to Goddess Kali – one of the most revered in India deities.

Temple Kali

From afar of the contours of this structure amazingly similar to the outlines of the Orthodox church. But nothing to do with Orthodoxy does not have. The temple is dedicated to the goddess of potassium.

Kali call the goddess of death. Europeans who first stepped on these lands, the worship of the local population of such a deity was perceived as unheard of wildness. Surface understanding of the essence of this goddess, later the seasoned and violent fantasy of Hollywood directories, turned Cali in real monster. In fact, the whole her appearance and even blue color of her skin has a deep religious and philosophical meaning. He symbolizes the struggle of light and dark forces, The essence of reincarnations and the connection of all living space with eternal space.

Calcutta Harmony in contrasts

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