Cambodia: Poor, but mysterious country

In Russia and the CIS countries, this country knows, above all, according to the sad events of half a century, when the policy of the dictator Paul Pota led to the death of almost half of the state’s population (then it was named campaign).

As for tourism, the compatriots are rude here, but every year their number is gradually increasing. The reason lies in the fact that the country &# 8211; Extremely poor, and the cost of rest here is very and very small (Western travelers are called Cambodia &# 8220; single dollar country&# 8221; since here the absolute majority of products and other goods can be bought really for funny money).

Beach holiday features in Cambodia

Actually, there are practically no good beaches here. First, all of them are stony. Secondly, speaking frankly &# 8211; Simply dirty, are in a deplorable sanitary condition. Another thing &# 8211; Paid beaches. It costs to go on them, as they are clean, from white sand. As for the water, the Siamese bay has a beautiful gentle-turquoise color, its beaches are often removed for advertising tourist rollers. Moreover, there is almost no developed industry in the region at all, by virtue of the water &# 8211; crystal clean.

The main sights of Cambodia

Here, first of all, it is worth remembering the famous Angkor Wat temple . By the way, this is the largest religious building in the world. Domestic tourists who amazed the size of the chokes and temples of the Vatican, Sergiev Posada, Jerusalem and other Christian cities will strike not so much the size of Angkor Wat, how much the extreme unusualness of this building.

From afar, the temple is similar to the enormous magnitude of the anthill, which, however, does not detract from his architectural and simple aesthetic value. He is dedicated to, by the way, God Vishnu, and not a Buddha, how many people think. Actually, temples in Cambodia &# 8211; incredible number. Moreover, most of them were built another 400-500 years ago.

  • Banteayisrey &# 8211; Temple complex

Banteayisrey &# 8211; Temple complex in the east of the country. In addition to the same temple, the complex is also known for the presence of a national natural park on its territory. The main feature of the park &# 8211; Availability of multiple endemic plants and animals. Endemic &# 8211; This means that they are found in natural conditions only here, and more anywhere in the world.

Also located here is one of the largest lakes in a country where you can meet a lot of very rare scrapers (for example, for example, many types of butterflies, insects and so on).
In general, lovers of virgin nature and ancient Asian architecture will be here to do. By the way, the colonial buildings here are practically not found, unlike the countries of Africa.

Features of National Kitchen Cambodia

Cambodia poor, but mysterious country

It is right here to highlight a very important point: in all countries of the southeastern part of Asia, the food is simply insanely, incredibly acute. And it doesn’t matter where: in very rich Singapore, Hong Kong or poor Cambodia. What is it connected with &# 8211; It is difficult to say, perhaps, the local population has some features of the perception of taste.

So, it is recommended to try the following dishes and drinks:

  • Rice macaroni soup and coconut sauce

Rice macaroni and coconut sauce soup (very unusual combination &# 8211; on an amateur, in general);
very finely chopped beef, which is served with baked green pepper (and here many tourists from the CIS countries note that the dish is quite tasty, despite the fact that it is very acute);
Baked in the leaves of spinach and a lathouse Fish (by the way, the fish in Cambodia is used, mostly river; Sea use quite rarely and only in the south of the country, on the shores of the Siamese Gulf);

  • Sononh

(This is a strong infusion of seeds of the same name);

  • Tektnot

(Mix of palm tree and coconut milk juice).

In general, Cambodia can be called the country for already sophisticated tourists who were killed by magnificent Thai beaches and European architecture. On the other hand, the cost of rest, except for a long flight, very, very small.

Cambodia poor, but mysterious country

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