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Every year, several thousand tourists from all over the world attend the capital of Australia. The city was proclaimed the country’s capital due to the permanent disputes that took place between Sydney and Melbourne. Cities for a long time fought for the title of the capital of Australia. Visit all the sights of the city is impossible in one day, but in just a few hours you can walk at the main places of the capital.

Burley Griffin

In the very center of the city, an artificial lake was created, designed Walter Burley Griffon, in honor of which and called. The depth of the artificial reservoir reaches 18 meters, and the length exceeds 11 kilometers.

It is noteworthy that they come on the reservoir not just for walking, but to ride water skiing, canoe and kayaks.

Memorial captain Cook

Near the lake is a memorial dedicated to the two hundred taking a Cook landing on the Australian coast. The place was open in 1970 by the Queen of Great Britain.

It is worth noting that the Memorial consists Of two pieces. The first part resembles a gigantic globe on which the path of the navigator engraved. But the second part is located in the center of the lake and is a fountain, which at a certain time produces a powerful stream of water.

Travelers advise visit a memorial in the evening when illuminating.

Military Memorial

Memorial was established in memory of persons who participated in hostilities. Ideological inspirer of this place is Charles Bin. Mostly, tourists are immediately sent to the Memory Hall, which seems to resembles an octagonal chapel. Building walls are decorated with mosaic.

In Anzak Hall, you can see a collection of weapons, and in the garden of sculptures there are bronze plates, which tell about the lives of residents of the country.

National Gallery

Canberra Review Tour

The gallery was founded in 1967 and still keeps a large number of works of art. Sightseeing takes about 23 thousand square meters.

To date, it is known that the gallery is located The largest artistic assembly in Australia. Visitor can see pictures, photos, sculptures and much more.

Do not pass by the scientific center. In the building of the questity is located Interactive Museum of Science and Technology. There are several halls on the territory of the center. In one of them, you can plunge into the world of games and try to manage the robot.

For those who are fond of natural phenomena, the hall works in which it is described On the impact of natural disasters. It is noteworthy that lightning and even tornado are created right inside the structure using a special mechanism.

They will find their lifetime and children of different ages. For example, in the hall called Miniq are located Playgrounds and various exhibits, which can be touched, sniff and even bite.

There are still many attractions on the territory of Canberra, which is worth a visit. But you can get acquainted with the city in one day by visiting the most popular places.

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