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US population

US population According to the data for 2010, the US population is estimated at 310 million people, including 11.2 million illegal migrants, tentatively living in the territory of the state. About 82% of the US population live in the territories of urban type, t.E. directly in cities or in their suburbs. Approximately half of all …

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VAC (Vác)

VAC (Vác) WAC (Vác) – City in the central part of Hungary, 33 km north of Budapest. Population – 33 223 people (2008). The earliest mention of the city belongs to the XI century. In the time of the Ishthan Saint here it was founded by the bishop. In 1241, the city was completely destroyed …

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Vantaris Beach 4 Georgiupolis, Greece – description, prices and booking of Vantaris Beach 4 –

Vantaris Beach 4 * Coastal hotel with green territory Vantaris Beach 4 * Located 18 km west of Rethymnon Resort, 34.3 miles from Chania (Chania Airport 45 km). The hotel is built in the village of Kavros, on the seashore. It is the Vantaris Beach hotel complex consisting of the main building and several bungalows …