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USA Wyoming

USA: Wyoming Alpine State in the West USA, Wyoming (Wyoming, Area 253.3 thousand. kv. KM) ranks recently in the country by population. And really – Mountain Antelope in "Equal staff", or "Cowboy state", much more than people, and human settlements are even less than on harsh Alaska. The western part of the state is engaged …

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Varka (Varca)

Varka (Varca) Varka (Varca) – Beach and small tourist center in South Goa, India. Beach – wide, pretty deserted, with fine light sand. This place is recommended for relaxing people who want the sea, sun, sand and peace. Cooking can be attributed to the number of the best seaside resorts for those who need passive …

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Venezuela nature

Venezuela nature Venezuela can be quite clearly divided into four areas, differing from each other by relief, climate and vegetation. Mountain region Andes, strip stretching throughout the northwestern part of the country. Sieges of the Great System of the Andes (Sierra-Neva-de Merida or Cordillera de Merida, Sierra de la Calaga, Sierra de Santo Domingo and …