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Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE)

Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE) Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE) – City and ski resort in Poland, enters Subcarpathian Voivodeship. Population 9478 people (2006). The resort lying on the highway, the so-called small and large travel tracks in the bezen, is an excellent journey base for the rapids high. Beginges – the only part of the eastern Carpathians located in Poland. …

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Vensenesky Castle

Vensenesky Castle Before the doors of the famous Versaille opened, Vensenesky Castle almost five centuries served as the main residence of the French kings. In its walls, which are a sample of fortification art and medieval architecture, representatives of not one monarch of dynasty were born and ruled. Therefore, the castle that has witnessed many …