Valorant, the popular team-based tactical shooter recreation developed by Riot Games, provides a diverse roster of brokers with unique skills. One such agent is Reyna, a deadly duelist able to turning the tide of battle in her team’s favor. With her highly effective ability set, Reyna can dominate the battlefield and strike worry into her enemies.


Reyna’s first capability is Leer, which allows her to forged an ethereal eye that blinds enemies caught inside its vision range. This eye can pass through partitions, making it an excellent tool for scouting and gaining essential information about enemy positions. By activating this ability, Reyna can momentarily blind opponents, rendering them weak to devastating assaults from her or her teammates.

Reyna’s second ability is Devour, which allows her to devour the soul orbs left behind by defeated enemies. When activated, she quickly heals herself, restoring her health and doubtlessly extending her staying power on the battlefield. The more soul orbs she collects, the longer she will sustain herself, making her a formidable force in prolonged engagements.

Reyna’s third capacity is Dismiss, granting her invulnerability for a brief period after eliminating an enemy. Once she secures a kill, Reyna turns into intangible, permitting her to flee dangerous situations unhurt. This capability not only enhances her survivability but additionally reinforces her role as an aggressive duelist, rewarding skilled plays and clutch moments.

Reyna’s ultimate ability is Empress, the place she harnesses the full extent of her energy. Activating this capacity transforms her right into a near-unstoppable drive, significantly increasing her firing speed, reload velocity, and equipping faster. Moreover, each time she eliminates an opponent whereas Empress is energetic, the duration of the flexibility resets, permitting for potential multi-elimination rampages.

Mastering Reyna’s Abilities

In the arms of a skilled participant, Reyna’s talents could be devastating. To unleash the total potential of this duelist agent, it is essential to practice and grasp her unique skills. Understanding when and the method to use Leer to blind enemies, Devour to heal, Dismiss to escape, and Empress to dominate, requires strategic thinking and fast decision-making.

Reyna’s aggressive playstyle relies on securing kills to maximise her effectiveness. However, it’s essential to remember that taking pointless dangers can lead to her downfall. Balancing aggression with smart positioning and teamwork will enable gamers to fully utilize Reyna’s skills and contribute significantly to their staff’s success.

Whether you like enjoying as a self-sustaining skirmisher or unleashing havoc on your foes, Reyna’s skills provide a thrilling gameplay experience in Valorant. With her ethereal powers, she stands as a real force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.