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Israel is the Holy Land. The land that Jesus himself went, where all the most incredible healing and cure of people came across. Israel is the only country that boasts such a big biblical history. All this is primarily attracting, of course, believers, and this land is rightly called pilgrimage. Nevertheless, not only this kind of tourists come to Israel, there are many tourists who just want to touch the holy places, listen to the history of the country and relax on one of the four seas.

A very important feature at the first visit to Israel is the passage of Interview with the Security Service of Israel (Betachon).

With each who visits Israel, at the airport there is a Betachon employee for five to ten minutes, it all depends on how suspicious is the traveler))). Questions are asked the simplest, for example: for what purpose you visit Israel? Who collected the suitcase whether you left it unattended? At the same time, the employee strictly monitors your reaction and behavior. There is nothing terrible in this, the main thing is to tell the truth and do not joke. Jokes Israel does not like.

Israel is a paradise for those who love delicious and eat a lot. At the same time in all hotels at breakfasts kosher food. Kosher is observed in all hotels.
Kashrut – a system of ritual rules that determine the compliance of the Jewish law associated with food. The word "kashrut" in Hebrew means "suitable".
The kosher nutrition system is the oldest, carefully preserved treasures of the wisdom of the Jewish people. One of the main objectives of Kashruta: thoughtful, rational, healthy eating. Only an environmentally useful product is allowed to eat, which completely harmonizes with the human body and meets all the laws of Kashrut.
All hotels in Israel there is a shabby. This is a holiday day for the Jews, and he begins with the sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday. Unfortunately, during this period all government agencies, shops, banks, public transport. Taxi rate these days increase by 20%. Of course, it delivers the inconvenience to tourists who arrive these days in Israel.

Israel – a country of four seas. The excursion program can be easily combined with rest on red, Mediterranean, dead or Galilee Sea.

For one trip, you can visit two countries – Israel and Jordan, where the tourist gets an extensive idea of ​​the biblical history of the two states.

Country where time stopped, a country where time moves forward. Jerusalem, Israel Blogs and

And for those who have already been there more than once, there are both active rest! You knew that in Israel there is canyoning, caves and waterfalls for which you can travel? So, all this is in Israel with professional instructors and equipment.

And who does not dream that the holy land becomes a blessing for newlyweds? Blessing on the Holy Land – the key to happiness in the Warm Union! Wedding is a great sacrament for loving couples, which Israel gives each person who came here.

Having been once in Israel, it is impossible not to penetrate this country, it is impossible not to fall in love with it, because everyone can find something interesting and exciting here for themselves. In the heart of each of us lives, and Israel helps us to be closer to him.

Country where time stopped, a country where time moves forward. Jerusalem, Israel Blogs and

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