Covenate Persia: village in the mountains and a border city in the Caspian Sea

We go to a small village called Masulekh. It is located at an altitude of a thousand meters above sea level in a picturesque mountainous area. Here they love to come Iranian tourists to relax from the unbearable heat of the mountain desert. Landscape outside the window changes, are becoming higher and the green of the mountain. Our first stop is a small town of Rasht, or a solid, a little south of the coast of the Caspian Sea. From here to Masulyha about sixty kilometers.

In Rasht, unload your belongings from the bus. Stand in meditation what to do next. Together with us a young blonde Iranian came out. Suitable, smiling, wondered where we are going on. We answer – proposes to help and share a taxi with her. His name is Azade. She is from Tehran, studying in Rasht on the architect. Says it was easier to do. As a result, Azade rolls us throughout the Rashta at his own expense, helps to exchange money, and then also brings a taxi parking and negotiate that us for funny money to be taken to the village. Azade is the last Iranian Muse, which is saving our strength to his care, attention and openness. "I somehow got into an unpleasant story in Bangkok – lost money, and documents. Then strangers helped me very much. So I now seem to compensate for the universe, "she is charmingly smiling, she will summarize for goodbye. Scarf will wear ababy how, wheat color hair flows from under it with sun waves. So cute:

We are in mad speed with a crazy taxi driver. It is better not to watch on the road. Moreover, landscapes around are still more paints. Wow which mountains! Oh, what air! Oh how much greens! Finally. Less than an hour you stop in Masuleche. Glaoty village houses, like nests, as if glued, lay on the mountainside. Roofs of one tier houses – this is a floor or a path for another tier. The beauty is incredible! But the people are so much that the noise-gamps is the same. It seems, and holidays behind, but Iranian families go and go to rest in the coolness and beauty of this place in such a number that mountain roads are no longer able to accommodate such a number of cars.

We leave Ed with backpacks and go to look for accommodation. In Masuleche you can accommodate both in a fairly expensive apartment with a separate living room, bedroom, spacious bathroom and kitchen, and you can and in a smaller room. We choose the second option. The kitchen here is also there, clean, neatly, cozy. In the corner a bunch of mattresses and freshly bedding. In the bathroom shower and hot water. On the contrary – the main and only mosque. Super!

Covenate Persia District in the mountains and a border city in the Caspian Sea

Throw things and go walk. The village fascinates with its charms. In the cafe with a gorgeous view of the mountains, we are supporting the whole of the same traditional soup called AS, weep fruit and vegetables for breakfast. Night quickly descends – Masulech turns into an elven settlement, inciting the slope with multicolored lights of its windows, shops, restaurants and houses. We solve the main photos already in the morning: get up with the dawn and go to the widow on these cute streets.

Wake up at six in the morning, and there is no water in the crane. Neither wash nor teeth clean. It turns out that there is no water supply in the village – water gives the neighboring town, and usually the flow of pipes comes here not before eight in the morning. We wait until the crane flows. The sun is already high, but there is no one on the streets. Local market shops only open. Fresh, beautiful, good:

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