COVID-19: How can we secure your travels?

We always hide for you planning a trip in advance. Well, you know, prepare Sani in the summer and that’s all. But the events of the recent months have played a cruel joke with those who did. As a result, summer and spring holidays planned in the fall, not destined to come true due to the epidemic of COVID-19. That there will be in the fall, too, is still unclear. It’s a pity!

Our surveys have shown that many already at a low start and are ready to go to the airport as soon as the boundaries will open. But it must be remembered that the virus itself will not be wrapped in itself and in any negligence can be infected even after the peak of the epidemic.

But we found a way out how to secure your trip – invented insurance against coronavirus infection and any other accident. This was made possible by the insurance policy "D2 insurance", which can be issued when buying a ticket on our site.

How insurance works

Insurance policy is valid 3 months from the date of purchase. There are three options for insurance payments:

  • 1 500 rubles for every day of the disease, if the insured was diagnosed with coronavirus infection (COVID-19);
  • 150,000 rubles in case of establishing a group of disability;
COVID-19 How can we secure your travels
  • 200 000 rubles in case of establishment of a group of disability or death.

The insurance period begins on the tenth day from the date of registration. This period is taken at the time of diagnosing the virus. If at the time of the registration of insurance you left the territory of Russia, it will come into force on the 16th day from the moment of returning home.

Such insurance, though not a medicine from all diseases, but at least help dying material issues. It is like a spare nervous cell in your body that will help to cope with a tense situation.

When buying insurance?

At least now together with tickets on the next vacation. We all need to fly somewhere and dispel after all this. If you are afraid to take tickets for autumn, you can think about New Year’s holidays. And now you will have tickets on your hands, and insurance, which will start acting after 10 days after the purchase. And all of us now need a airbag, so that without fear to go out at least for bread, though?

COVID-19 How can we secure your travels

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