Czech Cities: Františkovi-Lazne

Frantishkovi-Lazne town (Frantiskovy Lazne, Franzensbad) lies just 5 km north of Heba.


There are also about two dozens of iron-alkali-alkali outputs of the same genesis as the southern neighbor, so since 1827 he has been actively developing precisely as a balneological resort. Surrounded from all sides by low (400-800 meters) by mountain chains, it has its own microclimate, which is considered one of the components of therapeutic procedures, as well as the local ironic peat.


The neoclassical architecture of the XIX century period is reflected in almost every city building – even the cinema is decorated with doric columns. The center of the recreation area is formed by five short streets, surrounded from all sides with lush vegetation of parks. Almost a complete lack of transport and noisy nightlife makes Frantishkovi-Lazne one of the most "Peaceful" country resorts, although the characteristic layout and abundance of people in white coats is like a good clinic.

From the station the main road passes through extensive Mestske Sady Park and diagonally displays to the elegant chief Boulevard Narodni with the house in which Beethoven stopped, famous Restaurant u Tri Lilie and numerous cafes. There is also a simple neoclassical rotunda The main source of the city – Frantiskuv PRAMEN (in the season is open daily from 9:00 to 11:30 and from 12:30 to 16:30), which always builds the queues of those who want to fill their glasses with water from magnificent copper pipes. Like most water resort, this mineral water is quite bitter for the taste due to the high content of sulfur, but it is something like a local ritual. Near DR. Pohoreckeho 8, is quite modest City Museum (Mestske Museum, from Thursday to Sunday, open from 10:00 to 17:00, Login 200 CZK) with photos of the resort and the procedures of the last century.

Czech City Františkovi-Lazne

As in all bohemian resorts, city parks are quickly inferior to a relatively wilderous area, which will break up dozens of pedestrian tracks. Two-kilometer walk through the birch forest will bring to the picturesque Lake America (however, it is not recommended to swim in it), and in dry weather Mini-train (Mikrovlacek, from 14:00 to 17:00; 20 CZK) Carries around the city through the most beautiful places.

Around the city

7 km northeast, near the village of Novi Dragov, there is a small area of ​​peatlabies SOS (SOOS) powered by hot and eternally bubble sources. This unique area for Europe, the landscape of which as if he had descended from the pictures of the Mesozoic period, is a house for numerous representatives of rare species of flora and fauna.

Also near the city spread Natural park Gayek (H&# 225; Jek).

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