Czech cities: Marianske Lazne

One of the most famous tourist centers of the Czech Republic – the town of Mariansk-Lazne (Marianske Lazne) lies 60 km north-west of Pilse and 120 km west of Prague.

This is the most famous resort, before the First World War, who was considered one of the most fashionable not only in Austria-Hungary, but also throughout Europe. The monarchs, composers and writers rested here (Goethe, for example, wrote here "Marienbad Elegity", Since then the town was called the German manner of Marienbad). He is now small – only 14 thousand people of the population, but here there are 68 hotels, 160 hectares of parks and this is the second attendance of the country’s resort after Karlovy Var.


The reason for such popularity is the local sources of cold mineral water from the XIII century are famous for their healing properties, the most optimal in the treatment of violations of the metabolism process, although the first truly resort complexes appeared here only at the beginning of the XIX century. Now each of the 40 keys wearing its own name (Cross, Forest, Ferdinand, Rudolph and others) is surrounded by a whole bed of hospitals, and although not all of them are modern, but the historical charm of the town with interest compensates for this deficiency.

In the southern suburb, Usovitsa has two more sources, about a hundred weeds of therapeutic water discovered in the vicinity of the town, and endless forest arrays with numerous tourist paths, leading to historical and cultural monuments. Also important to the deposits of therapeutic mud near the resort (peat and swamp) and a powerful source of natural carbon dioxide (the so-called "Gas Mary") near the sources of ambrosis and gazelic.


Czech City of Marianske Lazne

The main street of Hlavni Triad Town stretches a few kilometers to resort gardens and forms almost continuous Promenade From the luxurious four-story mansions (most of them are now rebuilt in hotels), glass shop windows and forever filled cafes. The main attractions include small, red-friendly Anglican church (now here is the exhibition hall) immediately for the hotel Bohemia, Singing fountain (1986.), Orthodox church (Pravoslavsky Kostel, 1902 g., Her wonderful iconostasis won the Grand Prix at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris) on the parallel Hlavni Trida Street Ruska, as well as the famous Colonnada (Kolonada, 1889.), which is considered the most beautiful building of this kind in the region. In the summer, the daily concerts of the Bohemia orchememic concerts and local symphony teams are held, commerce trailers are sent (Drozky, 200 CZK in 10 minutes) around the entire resort, and from the north it is adjacent to neoclassical Colonnade of the Cross Source (Krizovy PRAMEN) and two other healing keys. Pavilion overlapping this source is covered with a dome with a double cross (hence the name), which is part of the city coat of arms.

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Mariana Lazne with snow

And at the same time, when neither in Nuremberg, nor in Munich had snow, the resort town of Mariana Lazne looked at a completely fabulous snow kingdom. It was in mid-January not this year. Read more →

Czech City of Marianske Lazne

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