Czech City: Prague

One of the most colorful and ancient cities in Europe, Prague (Praha) invariably is the main center of attraction for all tourists visiting the Czech Republic. The exact time of the origin of the city is unknown, but numerous settlements at the merger of Vltava and Berounka, already by the VI century, were the famous shopping center. In the 10th century, Prague first became the capital of the independent Czech kingdom (later she repeatedly accepted the capital status again – first the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918, then the Czech Republic – in 1960, and from January 1993 – the Czech Republic), but so and remained essentially a conglomerate of many small individual settlements. Until now, they are known as city districts and at the same time, only 10% of the territory of Prague are directly covered directly by development – everything else, oddly enough, occupy land of agricultural purposes, parks, gardens, forests (their area is more than urban quarters!), Welt Water and so on. And at the same time the city is also one of the smallest capitals of Europe – currently there is a little over 1.29 million in it.

In addition, Prague is the center of the Middle School, as well as the two districts – Prague-east (Okres Praha-Vychod) and Prague-West (Okres Praha-Zapad), and the city does not include the city itself, allowing their administrative authorities. It is also interesting that officially divided into 22 administrative districts (OBVOD) and 57 urban parts (the main subject of local self-government), in fact it is still divided into the very historical districts that have ever formed the city – Gradcany in the center , Mala-Country (Mala Strana) west of the river, Stare-Place (Stare Mesto) in Vltava’s Issuchina, Wizhgrad (Vysehrad) South City Center, Vaclavsk-Namesti (Vaclavske Namesti) Square of the same name and so on.

  • Golden street
  • Pritbovsky Sad
  • Czech Republic Prague
  • Golden street. Gates
  • Palace Valdstein. Garden
  • Church of the Virgin Mary triumph
  • Old Town Square
  • Castle Troy
  • Telc – A House with Renaissance Sgraffito on Main Square – Czech Republic
  • Yard in the old town

Hotels Prague

Prague is one of the most beloved tourist destinations from Russian tourists, and they have, where to stay in this city. The Czech capital offers more than one and a half thousand hotels that can be booked on Travel.Ru. Prague hotels, like all Czech infrastructure, are famous for a good level of service at reasonable prices, so often tourists can afford a higher level of hotels than in other countries. Travelers have something to choose – the choice of 5-star and 4-star hotels is quite large. The number of Prague apartments in which families with children and large companies are growing steadily.

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