Delicious Croatia: a gastronomic tour on the yacht

The gastronomic tour on the yacht is good, first of all, by what is designed for tourists, first published in the sea. Yacht tour passes On large and sustainable two-circuit catamarans. They do not ignore them, because, unlike one-contact yachts, waves and wind do not tilt the catamaran for one board.

The geography of Croatia is the perfect place for yachting. Close to each other islands make the sea not open and the excitement is not here. Pure azure water, wild beaches, oysters and seafood straight from the sea, and on the islands – wine, olives and cheese.

Tourists waiting for 8 unforgettable days walking on the Adriatic Sea and 7 stops in the best places in Croatia: Slot, Lopud, Dubrovnik, moan, mute, Korcula, Zhuliana. During yachting every morning it will start with breakfast of freshly dried seafood and the best wine gland.

For the fans of the series "Game of Thrones" It will be a special journey, because they will see the shooting sites – an incredible view of the royal harbor and a powerful fortress wall.

On the very first day, the cherished gastronomic tour begins. On a joint dinner, the tables will decorate Croatian dishes: Buzara with Langustins, mussels and shrimps and white wine. Further better! Tourists will visit Island of Peleshats – the birthplace of the most delicious mollusks. Here they will be told about the process of growing oysters, which later immediately and try.

However, enjoying vacationers will not only with seafood. MOST GREEN Island Croatia M-fly Well known for its white and red wine, olives and goat cheese. And restaurants Dalmatian cuisine Cake with dishes with the best seasonings and herbs. Here, tourists will be able to taste meat delicacies and acquire herbs to replenish their kitchen collections: sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, basil, lavender. Magic sounds.

Island Korcula, In its history, a lacquer for many nations, famous for wine traditions. Here they are made by all the favorite Croatian white wines from the varieties of the GRK and the sewage. Tourists will be cast in traditional Family winery, Tell all the production of wines and show the cellab with the best varieties of wine.

In addition to such a saturated gastronomic tour on the yacht, there are several dishes and drinks that must be tasted in Croatia:


This delicacy is worth trying in any form: either individually prepared, or in a salad with olives, capers and butter.


Be in the fish paradise and do not try the carpaccio … do not do that. Carpaccio – it’s finely sliced ​​slices of raw meat and fish. Popular in the distinguished areas. Even for vegetarians made their own kind Carpaccio – from Zucchini.

Risotto with ink Caracatians

Black risotto – Dalmatian dish of Dalmatian cuisine. Uniqueness not only in color and taste, after this dish tongue is also painted.

Delicious Croatia Gastronomic Tour on Yacht


Fans of meat This dish will have to be like – meat sausages with a special mixture of herbs and seasonings Popular delicacy.

Alcoholic beverages

Croatia is famous not only for wines, but also fruit liqueurs who are made from wine or overlooking juice, and Rakya (Croatian version of Brandy). They are used as aperitif.

White Fish

White Fish With Blider – One of the traditional Croatian dishes. Blider is a mangold with potatoes.


For sweet tooths, this dessert number one is a traditional cake with a custard, which includes a pink liqueur and gives it a light floral fragrance.

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