Despite the economic situation in the world, real estate in Turkey is becoming more accessible

In the global economy is now not the best time. It seemed that, under the influence of a number of political and other factors, the price of real estate in the resort regions should be drawn up, but in concerning Turkey such a tendency is not viewed. Prices for real estate in Turkey from the developer are becoming more attractive in the eyes of foreign investors, and this is an obvious plus shopping of housing now, notes Profit Real Estate.

Why now favorable time to buy a Turkish apartment

Social infrastructure, view from the window, the house area for walking and recreation, the proximity of the beach area and the place for cultural leisure – a list of criteria for which the modern buyer chooses a housing, is constantly increasing. Despite the growing demands of investors, the prices for overseas real estate decrease.

Often, in crisis conditions, the demand for objects of resort real estate is low, at least, in terms of purchase is not on credit. In turn, the proposal side in the face of local developers is ready to sell apartments in Turkey to the mortgage at the buyer favorable for the buyer. Only for July 2020, the number of Turkish apartments sold under the mortgage lending program increased by 1000% compared to the same period of the previous year.

What to expect in the near future

European real estate market experts along with leading economists predict the fall in prices for resort real estate objects on the background of the coronavirus pandemic. Banking institutions offer customers comfortable conditions for long-term lending, which makes the dream of buying an overseas apartment quite achievable.

The advantages of the purchase of Turkish housing characterize themselves the following factors:

Despite the economic situation in the world, real estate in Turkey is becoming more accessible

Benefits for the purchase of Turkish apartments today much more than a few years earlier.

Which amount will cost the resort apartment in Turkey

To give an unequivocal answer to the question of how much property is worth in Turkey, it is impossible in view of various factors: remoteness from the sea, the comfort class of apartments, adjacent infrastructure and the area, the individual characteristics of the housing itself. For an exemplary understanding, let’s say that buying a budget one-room apartment in a decent area of ​​resort Alania today is $ 30,000.

Villas, duplexes, comfortable spacious apartments in apartment buildings – price limits are very significant. Of course, the higher the price tag, the better the living conditions will turn out to be. Specialists of the real estate company Profit Real Estate are ready to provide you with integrated risks in the selection and purchase of an apartment in Turkey. Moreover, you are in the status of a real estate company, the possibility of choosing suitable lending conditions on convenient conditions for you.

Despite the economic situation in the world, real estate in Turkey is becoming more accessible

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