Do you need to be afraid of turbulence?

Turbulence in the air is multidirectional vortex streams that cause aircraft oscillation. According to many air passengers, this phenomenon is hardly the worst thing that can happen in flight. Meanwhile, experts claim: the turbulence is not necessary.

As turbulence arises and why it is not possible to predict?

Specialist in Turbulence Specialist Larry Kornman (University Corporation for US Atmospheric Studies).

Turbulence can not be predicted. After all, the pilot does not know how the situation will change in a few minutes and even seconds. Reasons for turbulence can be different: fast air jet streams, thunderstorms (both near and on a decent distance from the aircraft) or the wind blowing from the mountains. For its magnitude, turbulent vortices range from the size of one aircraft to five. But since the pilots do not see the air – and thunderstorms even at a distance of 100 miles can cause turbulence – they practically cannot quickly predict its occurrence.

How pilots are preparing for turbulence and why it is not necessary to be afraid?

Replies Captain Cescly "Sally" Sallenberg, who successfully committed an emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009.

Do you need to be afraid of turbulence

A good pilot begins to prepare for a meeting with turbulence, barely waking up. From the early morning, he checks the weather forecast, and on the way to the airport begins to "scan" the sky for the clouds. If the cloud has the shape of a flying saucer, then the wind blows from the mountains; When the clouds are lush and soft, most likely, somewhere thunderstorm. Once behind the aircraft steering wheel, the pilot carefully listens to the negotiations of other crews to find out, at what heights today you can fly, without fear of turbulence.

If the pilot has two options in the turbulence zone, there are two options: either drop, or, on the contrary, dial the height in search of a "clean" sky. So that shaking was not so strong, you can also reduce speed. In fact, passengers only seem to be the airplane "chatting" from side to side. In fact, this feeling occurs when the speed of the aircraft increases due to wind – the height changes are very insignificant. The chances that the passenger will suffer from turbulence, exist, but they are minimal. As practice shows, almost always injuries get those who have not fastened the belt.

You can get rid of the fear of turbulence in the car. The next time you will be driving, try to pay attention to each bump, pit, and push, which is found on the road. And then imagine that the same thing happens in the sky: "Road" is rarely perfectly smooth, but still on it much less obstacles than on asphalt.

Do you need to be afraid of turbulence

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