Dominica Resorts: Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, but otherwise "amber shore" &# 8211; Primorsky city &# 8211; resort. There you will meet lush tropical vegetation, gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise color and favorable climate. Puerto Plata &# 8211; This is a suitable place to relax and have a pleasant pastime. Hotels with high-class service will make your stay at the resort still more comfortable.

Enjoy the magnificence of the nature of the city and visit the local exciting excursions. If desired, you can go to the capital of Dominican Republic or to the most beautiful town Santiago de Los Caballer.

Puerto Plata is located On the north coast of Dominican Republic at the foot of Mount Isabel de Torres. This place is amazing with their black amber deposits, which is used in the manufacture of jewelry. Also, the resort is famous for the fact that Christopher Columbus landed for the first time. A few years later, his brother founded the city here, which is very popular with tourists.

Weather in Puerto Plata Every year welcoming all guests of the resort. The coast of the resort is multi-kilometer beaches that resemble a fairy tale. Snow white sand in combination with transparent sea and tropical plants looks great. Eye rejoices looking at Puerto beaches. Nature itself took care of a comfortable beach holiday, the winds of the Atlantic are refreshing in hot weather and do not allow to get a sun burn.

The city itself has several tourist zones &# 8211; Bahia de Majon and Playa Dorada. Here you can do windsurfing, underwater hunting or watch whales &# 8211; Gorbachami. On the magnificent snow-white beaches focused all the beauty of the fabulous Puerto Plata.

Since Puerto Plata is quite Developed resort, then the local hotels will delight you with excellent service and attractive numbers. Even the most inexpensive options possess a good level of service. A worthy level of service and guide staff &# 8211; The main advantages of the resort hotels.

Dominican Republic Resorts Puerto Plata

On the territory of almost all hotels you can take advantage of high-speed Internet and get any information that interests you quickly and comfortable. Puerto Hotels Discount Praise and High Estimates. Prices here are acceptable and not so overgrown as in many resorts. Playa Dorada &# 8211; Great resort center that consists of 13 hotels. It is noteworthy that each hotel has its own entertainment club on the coast. Boredom and sadness there is no place.

In Puerto, you are given a good opportunity to spend your time exactly as you want. Select options, choose yourself. Immerse yourself in the underwater world, go fishing, shoot on fun trucks or paragliding, take part in safaris and get acquainted with nature Puerto Plata. In the city itself, there is also a lot of interesting things: vintage temples, beautiful architecture, museums Theaters, entertainment centers.

Get acquainted with benevolent residents and plunge on your head in Latin American culture. Wherever you stop, and wherever you go, you will not be bored in Puerto. Beautiful holiday and holiday atmosphere are waiting for you. Puerto Tours will like everyone without exception. The resort is so beautiful that it is impossible to wish better. For an acceptable price, you can relax on the highest category

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