Eco Park Young Bay

Yang Bay Reserve – Vietnamese Eden Almost untouched man of nature. People only "slightly" touched it to make acquaintance with him more enjoyable, and some more close interest in this attraction.

Tourists are waiting for a trip to the crocodile farm, the magic rite of the tree of desires, the feeding of "golden" fish, swimming in the mineral waters. There are three waterfalls in the park, but they are small. Special delight will not call, honestly say.

Surprise Eco-Park by essential, beautiful alleys and vegetation. But the attitude towards animals in the park, to put it mildly, bad. What we meant, you will understand when you yourself go there. Yes, and not in human looks "Attraction" with feeding animals, and then by eating them.

Vietnamese equipped the park, took care of entertainment moments for tourists, the rest – the merit of nature itself. We mean colorful landscapes of mountains, forests, waterfalls, unusual vegetation.

Whoever did not see the hard cocks of the battles, the "fast" piglery run, who did not go to ostrich, did not bother in hot and cold sources, did not make a desire near the "magical" tree, and was in Vietnam in Nha Trang (or near those places) then can visit the Yang Bay Reserve.

How to get to the reserve

If you go on a tourist bus with a tour, then you will not arise with the road and the direction.

And if you go to the park on your own on a rented moped or motorcycle, then it is better to buy a Nha Trang card in Russian in the "Russian Information Center".

From the famous Nha Trang resort to the park about 35 kilometers of the way. Return to the main road towards the local store "Metro". Drive by another store "Maxim". Going to the end of the road and turn left. Move to the ring on which we turn on the right side. Driving on the way to Dalat to the pointer to Young Bay. Turn the left next to it and move along the dirt road at the Park Young Bay.

If you take a taxi, then the direction is also better to know that the driver does not bring you by the Ocean.

Park work time

The reserve is open to visits every day from 7:30 and until 17:00.

Representations of Rhalev pass once a day at 10:45. On weekends, they protrude twice: Another concert is given at 13:15.

Cost trip to Park

In the travel agencies of Nha Tag, within 500,000 – 580,000 dongs, you can order an excursion to Yang Bay Eco Park. We are talking about Russian agencies. In local firms to buy a tour of the park, it is cheaper, and the guide will have a Russian-speaking guide.

On the road there – back about 2 hours. The excursion itself will last clock 7-8. On average, the tour of the park for two will cost about 900,000 dongs.

The sightseeing group will continue throughout the park without tickets, because visits to all places here will be paid. Who is going on alone, only a tree of desires and a lake with fish will see for free, and then you will need to buy a ticket to see all the other sights of Young Bay.

The ticket price depends on the service pack. Tickets will cost from 90 thousand dong to 250 thousand (this is with a guide). Children whose growth is less than 90 cm, pass for free.

In the budget of his visit to the Vietnamese Reserve, you can include bets on cocks for cocks, piglets: 30 thousand and 20 thousand dongs, respectively. The circle on the ostrich will turn into 50 thousand dongs. To go to the waterfall will independently be twice as cheaper, but the ride on the bike will not everyone will like and on the body.

The park is moving on the cargo cars, and you can rent a bicycle for 50,000 dongs.

Than amazing Park Young Bay

So, let’s start our virtual journey through the eco-park.

Tourists who came to Young Bay, like all Vietnamese, almost always the first place to stop in the park make a Wish tree. It is unusually the fact that it has eight crowns, each of which symbolizes something: one of the important components of the human life. This health, children, knowledge, love, wisdom, joy, happiness, family. For example, the local Raghal tribes at the tree are asking for health and happiness to all their family. In order for the desire to come true, it is necessary to bind a ribbon to the corresponding crown, writing her desire in advance.

Moving on. Before us Lake Royal Lotos. Of course, as for the royal lotuses, the water in it is muddy, but the red symbols of Vietnam float the unusual beauty. Lake surprises and its inhabitants. This is "golden" fish. Buy just for 12 thousand dongs a bottle with a mixture and bring to the water. You will see how the fish instantly sail to you for meals and will be like babies, suck a mixture of a bottle.

Next Stop – Crocodile Farm. For crocodiles, food is also sold here. Cook the meat and feed. And near the store for sale leather things. Some tourists is shocking.

You can take a picture with an alligator. Photo with a crocodile on hand will cost more, but it is also possible.

There are in the park and waterfall, below which was equipped with a small beach. In this place, you can make a small swim, fleeing heat.

You can continue the journey through the park in the zoo. Inquisitive monkeys live here, brilliant (probably, from nutrition) Himalayan bears, unhappy ostrises (you can ride for 50 thousand dongs).

Eco Park Young Bay

Spend on the territory of the zoo ruthless roasting battles, piglery run. They make bets, the winner receives a commemorative statuette as a gift.

Of course, the mineral springs attracting all the park. To pass to them, you will have to go through two "floating" bridges laid over mountain rivers. Note that only 7 people can be on the bridge at the same time: there are also plates near the bridges.

In the equipped pools water both hot and cold. Healing water is poured from above, and from different sides.

Tips for visitors of the reserve

– Soon in the park correctly: shoes comfortable, clothes, too, headdress. Capture water, flash cream from scoring sunlight. Of course, to hide in the park there is where, but under the trees you will not stand all the time.

– On the crocodile farm it is better to come around 14:30. At this time, animals are fed and give tourists the opportunity to give the ladded pieces of meat crocodiles completely free.

– Thermal waters better leave at the very end of the park. Hot water will relax, and you do not want to go anywhere else.

– Before the tree of desires built a souvenir shop where you can buy memorable gifts.

– Along the park is placed the statues of animals, near which you can make interesting photos.

– Near the mineral pools there is a restaurant where ostrich meat and crocodile meat dishes are prepared. The cost of the excursion, by the way, includes lunch in such a restaurant.

– Near the waterfall of Young Bay, in all its length, fenced. Rescuers are also present, there are also means for rescue "fearless" tourists.

– The exotic moment of the visit to the park will be the performance of the Rhalev tribe, where he reigns, by the way, the matriarchy. Speaking in modern language, "Women rules".

– There are in the park and the ferris wheel, next to which ridiculous heroes are set.

– Get ready to stay in the park a few hours. With children, especially small, the journey will be tedious: the road itself, walking in the park, the heat will affect children. Take with you children over 6 years old, then they will be marked in the park they will be remembered and put on them, perhaps more than you.

In the reserve Yang Bay, we will discover the nature of Vietnam, the pristine and unique.

Eco Park Young Bay

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