El Gouna – Miracle of Light

It arises from thick, stuffy, tangible air of the night desert. Overflowing with lights, seduced by flavors of gardens and mysterious sounds. El Guna – the most fashionable and elegant resort of Egypt, located on the Red Sea coast, twenty minutes away from dusty and random Hurghada, – Magic and incredible Mirage, unexpectedly standing in front of the traveler’s eyes, not yet accustomed to the dense darkness of the Sudden North African Night.

El Guan is called Egyptian Venice, which sounds particularly fantastic in the midst of sandy expanses of the majestic desert, fascinating the slow, smooth rhythm of the endless waves of sand, stones, mountain ridges and inconspicuous vegetation. Obeying the bizarre fantasy of the owners of this place (he owns El Muznya Saviris family, one of the most influential in Egypt, which began to develop tourism here just over seven years ago and reached the results of truly fabulous) and invited by their famous architects, El Guna proudly challenges the desert. Its greenish man-made channels, lagows, the bays look completely incredible, as well as gardens with numerous palm trees, blooming shrubs, creeping plants, colorful flowers, refutable Axomo about the infertility of the desert soil. Actually grow here the grass is not a smaller feat than gardens. And only then, living in one of the luxurious five-star hotels El Gouna, you will learn the secret of local gardeners, from morning to night manually spraying every plant in defiantly violent bunks.

Egypt is a huge country with a population, approximately equal to the population of France (Egyptians nearly 60 million. man), but, unlike France, most of the territory of Egypt is absolutely empty. You can fly not one hour and never see the traces of a person’s stay. Only 10% of the territory of Egypt are populated. Since the time of the pharaohs, the Egyptians settled along the Nile and in his delta, where Alexandria was founded at one time. The rest of the country, including the Red Sea coast, is a fruitless, the drow-red desert, on which the Bedouins are caught, adjusted by the strong dry wind. Less than ten years ago, the land here began to be sold to private owners and investors. According to Egyptian laws aimed at maximizing the development of tourism in the country, private entities buying land on the coast are obliged to invest money in the development of tourist infrastructure. Therefore, when the Saviris family built the first private villa on the ground purchased, at the same time the hotel appeared "Sonsore Paradisio" Together with the first pier. Now the old pier turned into the port of El Guna Marina, where the vessels and gorgeous yachts of private owners moored. Then, eight years ago, all the place was called paradisio (paradise), until the name of El Guna was born. It was put to the essence of this unique place, where in the mirror stroy of countless channels and the lagoon reflected buildings similar to the palaces, and a sunset African sky. Gradually formed the idea of ​​self-sufficient, closed, elegant world with singers name. In fact, the territory of El Guna is strictly protected (to ensure the safety of tourists in Egypt relate very and very strictly), no car can easily drive up to hotels. It is polite, but inexorably will stop and check Security on "Watch". El Guna is a real state in the state, such a kind of Egyptian Vatican. It is bizarrely located on the coast and dozen small islands, successfully used by architects in the construction of original hotels.

One of the first to be the creation of a lagoon in engineering about the stages of this process, so that the name of the Egyptian Venice, which secured soon for El Muina, does not look exaggeration. An unauthorized observer, a treachery view of the modern El Gung, standing on the shores of the man-made lagoon, it is impossible to present all the difficulties that preceded her birth. It was necessary to calculate the hydrotechnical parameters complicated also in the fact that in the Red Sea are extremely stronger and flowing, solve problems with water level, ensure its permanent duct so that the water is not stuffed and the air in the city has always been fresh. Engineers, in essence, solved the school task about two pipes A and B, only in the global, multistage and a detailed scale.

El Gouna - Miracle of Light

Thanks to the construction of Lagun El Guna, it turned out to be a unique hydraulic structure, where the sea is essentially connected to the depths of the coast of houses and hotels, and not vice versa. In all the lagoons you can swim: water is clean everywhere, as in the sea. And this is the only difference between Egyptian Venice from its Italian ancestors. In the life of modern El Guna with its five-star hotels, private villas, a huge number of technical services, a single style and a single romantic gust feel. In every detail of the daily life of this state in the state, a thoughtful, creative and consistent approach to construction, appearance of buildings, the appearance of the Earth. Autonomous resort, independently floating in the wets of the desert, washed the world and its ecological correctness in relation to the surrounding nature. Developing, he did not cause her the slightest harm. Therefore, El Gouna has a rare title "The most friendly environment of the resort" in Egypt. Here is really fantastic clean. And those who are familiar with the East does not first know, should know what rarity it is in eastern countries. The city of Kafr El Gouna – a few paved streets with arcade souvenir shops and hotels framed in Aquamarine Green Channels and Bays – Center of this world. In the advertising prospect of your hotel, you will read the sacramental phrase: "Kafr El Gouna, known for its stormy nightlife. ". If you live here at least two weeks, you can really have fun at the full program, only for this it is not necessary to seek to the historic center. Although there is a tower (the highest point) with a museum and located on its roof in a restaurant "Kiki". His charming hostess-Italian, mother and daughter successfully support the reputation of the most part of the city, treating the regulars of real Italian pizza and huge portions of home spaghetti. The tower is lonely towers above terracotta buildings with domes and arched windows (tribute to Muslim and at the same time ancient Egyptian architectural traction), over the golden walls of the passage, over a tiny museum-aquarium with representatives of the local fauna, to observe which – it is possible in the natural situation – at the nearest coral reef. The most beautiful time of day in El Goona – short and disturbing twilight, during which the sunset sky is cleaned with a phosphorescent spectrum of deep colors, and the walls of houses change the color from a saturated terracotta to a restrained crimson. Carved metal lamps on the background of houses purchasing before dissolving in the pitch darkness of a delightful shade of the carcade, shacks the breeze that flies from the sea. Karkade – the sound of the eastern spell – materializes in the form of a ruby ​​drink, tea from the flowers of hibiscus, equally delicious in hot and cooled, acid, tart and fragrant. However, the main attractions of El Guna are three Giant Superotel "Sonsore Paradisio", "Sheraton Miramar" and "Movevenpik" (recently built the fourth – "Rihana"), each of which is the result of a turbulent novel between the eastern luxury, Arabic traditions, the Mediterranean style in architecture and American wrestle in the tourist business.

"Sheraton" built the famous American architect Michael Greivz, who chose the owner of El Guna himself, after saw his famous hotels "Swan" and "Dolphin" In Walt Disney World in Orlando (Florida). Multicolored houses with castle turrets, oriental domes, cheerful, toy, like a designer "Lego", intricately cover the whole territory of the hotel. Inside – all the achievements of civilization and comfort, outside – entertainment, funny, mischievous small city. There are our streets, your "Centre", His transport. "Sheraton" – Bright architectural mosaic against the background of the sky, the sea and the desert – the semi-independent world, falling into which, you will inevitably become a little more child. The style of Greivza himself was ordered in architecture "Sheratona" Through Egyptian constructivism, with the same frequency using silhouettes of domes and pyramids. The construction technique is identical to the one that has been used by the peasants of Nubia – an ancient area located south of Egypt to Sudan. Here, the Nubian dialect is combined with the monumentalism of the Epoch of the Pharaoh. Furniture design, carpets, lamps are made in rich, but not excessive arabic style. Textile carpets with oriental ornaments echoes inlaid floors. Floor mosaic is composed of Egyptian decorative stones, mainly marble of different shades – from honey to emerald green and hidden. Open and shadow terraces alternate in a frivolous necessity, behind which the iron logic of designer thought lies. They were seeing cheerful Buiganvillea – a shrub with purple and raspberry leaves, looking brighter of any colors. It feels an eccentrism in everything, expressed in the relaxed ease of mixing architectural styles and playful tendency to asymmetry. Separate buildings "Sheratona", located on the archipelago of several islands, are connected by numerous funny collapsible bridges. El Guna hotels, corresponding to the most stringent European and American standards, do not press luxury and monumentalism. They are affixed with elegance, stylish and (Gourmet and Curse of Wishing to Lose Weight) Magnificent Cuisine.

Here, perhaps, the championship holds "Movevenpik". For each evening, the hotel’s restaurant announces the main topic: Beer Night, around the world, Cuisine Francois, Pharaonic Night, and so on. Variety, abundance and beauty of the buffet resembles Eastern fairy tales: snacks, endless salads, and not recalculated types of bread and cheese, barbecue on the lattice on the terrace of the restaurant and delightful desserts (both oriental sweets and European, since the desserts chef – Swiss). Leave hope to lose weight, be happy if you manage to get better. At El Gung resorts and this achievement. "Movevenpik" – The hotel is grand, but preserving traditional for Eastern buildings height in two to three floors. His ambitions are cleverly satisfied at the expense of branched, like a giant coral, the structure of galleries and passages. Seamlessly lying gorgeous garden with a pool and a lot of cafes, bridges and paths, they rush straight to the sea. Entering through the central hall with an unchanged dome vault, you, slowly, slowly and as if walking, can go down from the second floor in a few minutes right on the beach. Endless galleries of the color of the scarlet dawn is small, although the hotel is full, and on weekends and for holidays is even clogged. All rooms overlook the sea or lagoon, gardens, or in extreme cases on the pool. This is an elegant architect trick: the guest is always pleased, because no room looks in the direction of the desert. Going to the sea or the bay, you will be folded into carefully fenced mangroves on the air roots, which naturally irrigated during the tide. El Gouna hotels in the soul and Germans, and Italians, and Russians, and "New Arabam", which with no less pleasure go here on the weekend.

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