Eland. Swedish paradise in the Baltic Sea

Eland &# 8211; The second largest island in Baltic Sea. He is willing to visit the Swedes who want to relax. Swedish The Royal Family Also resting here.

V Climate Islands dominate Cold and Snowy Winters, and Strong blizzards. Nevertheless, in summer, the island offers pleasant conditions for traveling when it becomes warm and sunny. As with most Central Baltic Islands, Eland blow Strong winds, The appearance of which does windmills An integral part of the landscape. Once there were about two thousand them, but it was preserved to this day 350 vintage Windmill.

Page through picturesque villages ELANDA, You can find beautiful Agricultural landscapes with typical Scandinavian buildings. Their characteristic feature are Low stone walls, stretched for kilometers. Agriculture and Livestock continue to remain important sectors of the economy ELANDA. Mostly grow here Potatoes, cucumbers, bow, Beans and strawberries. Also popular dairy cows and sheepstone.

Island covered dense forests, What is not surprising for Sweden &# 8211; countries with forest area more 27 million ha. Forest Elanda once were the place of royal hunting, which is noticeable in the emblem of the island, which depicts a noble Deer with horns. Before XIX century All animals on the island formally belonged king, And only he and his entourage had the right to hunt on the island.

Currently, all island lives 25 thousand. human. However, this is not the largest registered population in the entire history of the island. V XIX century v Eland Resident before 40 thousand. human.

Royal Summer Residence

On the island is located Palace Sollyden &# 8211; Summer Residence Swedish Royal families, which visits with pleasure all Family of the current king Sweden Karla XVI Gustava. Royal Manor &# 8211; relatively new building built only in 1906 by request Queen Baden Victoria &# 8211; Wives of the king Gustava V, which came delight from this part of the island.

Queen dreamed of a secluded place other than rich and Elegant castle v Stockholm. Where the royal family could spend the summer and enjoy as much as possible Sunny rays, which B Sweden not so much. Victoria He loved spending time in nature, so parks and gardens became an important element of the residence.
Swedish royal family much more open for their subjects than British Windsor, mainly due to Swedish mentality, According to which the inappropriateness should be higher than others. That’s why Solliden Palace willingly open for tourists. Beautiful gardens adjacent to the residence are also the place of birth of members of the royal family, as well as various exhibitions of artists invited by the king.

Lantern from the old church

There is a on the island Two important lighthouse for the Swedes. First &# 8211; LNGE Jan &# 8211; Located in the south of the island, and the second &# 8211; LNGE Erik in the north. Both lighthouse Open For visitors in the summer season.

LNGE Jan Has height 41 meters and is The highest lighthouse in the country. It is painted white with a characteristic horizontal black stripe. Its construction began in 1783 and was completed in 1785. According to some historians, the lighthouse built Russian prisoners. It is made of Stone old medieval Chapel St. John, which was on the island. Currently, the Lighthouse is remotely managed Sea administration Sweden.

Second lighthouse &# 8211; LNGE Erik Height 32 meters. He is younger LNGE Jan, as it was commissioned only in 1845. Located in the northern part of the island, on a small island Stors-Grunded, which is one of three islands in a small bay GRANKULLAVIKEN. He is connected by S Eland small bridge.

Forest trolls

Interesting natural elements of the island is Trollskogen (Forest trolls). This is a square reserve 100 g With a pine boron, where there are strange trees bent winds. The reserve is located on Cape Islands, where Strong winds, Forcing trees to take All sorts of forms, Including similar on trolls and other mysterious figures. Some pines more 200 years. The entire reserve looks magnificent, the charm of which is enhanced by ivy, curly along the trees, beautiful lichens and mshami.

The name of the reserve makes reference to Trollm, Often figureing B Scandinavian legends. According to the Swedes, these creatures live mainly in the forests, Terribly ugly, afraid of the sun and originally evil. They are so Do not love people, What, meeting with them, try cause them at least the slightest harm.

In the nature reserve Hunters for riddles will meet Prehistoric tombs and Mysterious stone circles, remaining from the old cemetery. On one of the beaches of the reserve, you can also find Wooden ship remains, who failed here in the middle XX century.

The largest city on the island

Eland. Swedish paradise in the Baltic Sea

Being in Eland, you should Visit ECETERP &# 8211; Archaeological reserve, which is the reconstruction of the old settlement of the Iron Century. The place was settled in yet IV Ax of our era, But at the end VII century His inhabitants suddenly left the settlement. Until today, the causes of the care of historians are not fully explained. People returned there only in beginning XI century.

Another historic landmark on the map ELANDA &# 8211; lock Borgholm &# 8211; Ruins of the once majestic castle burned in 1806. It was built in middle XIII century And many times rebuilt over the centuries, served at the same time Residence and defensive fortress. Together with changes, the castle varied depending on the current architectural style. It was a building in the style of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. At the beginning XIX century roof caught fire on the castle, and unfortunately, The building burned completely, only his walls survived.

Castle is located in the city Borgholm, which is The largest city on the island, as well as one of the smallest in Sweden. Borgholm got the right city rights in 1816 With the population of B 3 thousand. residents.

Another interesting city on the island &# 8211; Salties, next to which is located avian reserve. Since the reserve is located on The southern tip of the island, he Actively used by birds, Which fly through Baltic sea resting and eating. V Salties Also is beautiful Manor XIX century.

The longest bridge in Sweden

Eland separated from Continental Sweden Squid strait. Before 1972 Only on the sea could be hit on the island, but for almost half a century, it is possible to get through Olands Bridge &# 8211; The longest bridge in Sweden. His length is 6072 M. With its construction was used 105 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 7 thousand tons of steel. Bridge Eland in several places has Different height, and his height is equal 41 m B the highest part and 6.5 m in the bottom.

Before 1998 Bridge Eland was The longest bridge in all of Europe. His shifted bridge Vasco yes gama in Portugal, length more than 17 km.

Ecologists protested against construction Bridge, Fearing that the construction will destroy the unique nature of the island. On Eland there is Several reserves, rich rare plants and animals. Wetlands of books – This is the place where nests Many birds, as well as present Interesting pedestrian trail For lovers of wildlife. Her length is 5 km, And nearby are the towers for watching birds, which can also be observed in the swamp Petgera, Where can I meet wild geese and ducks, orlans and meadow hawk.

You should also see Great plain alvaret &# 8211; Huge pasture length 37 KM and 15 km width, what is 1/4 of the whole island. He is almost devoid of trees, but rich in wild orchids. Plain introduced B List of world Heritage UNESCO, But it does not prevent farmers to use it as pastures for cows and sheep.

Eland. Swedish paradise in the Baltic Sea

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