Hamburg. Miniature Wonderland

If you are in Hamburg, be sure to go to the museum – a miniature wonderland! This is the world’s largest railway layout!

Today I’ll tell you a little about him.

At the moment, the layout is divided into 8 parts (Harz – Northern Mountains in Germany, Austria, Alps, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hamburg Airport and the fictional city of Knuffingen) and 3 are built (Italy. France and England).

On the title photo – Switzerland.

If you loved or love and today, play the railways – then you definitely.

Here they are so much that he captures the spirit.

Personally, my childhood was the railway bought in the store "Leipzig" In the middle of the 80s)) with Koles H0 – as here)))

By railway here a lot of cars

and miniature people))) and there are scenes from the Middle Ages))) I do not remember (it was last year), but probably this is a section of Knuffingen

Castello Di Montebello Castle. Swiss zone

Interesting Facts:
Currently, the area of ​​buildings is 1150 kV.M
The length of the paths is 12000 m (12 km!!)
890 trains and 14100 wagons!
1200 traffic lights and 2500 railway arrows
200,000 figures and 215,000 trees!

It is very interesting to walk on the museum and look at the details. You can find a lot of interesting scenes))

Detailing is simply unmatched! 558,000 working hours went to build all this miracle!

And as soon as comes "night" (every 10 minutes approximately), everything around lights up with bright lights and becomes even more interesting))) True, it is not convenient to shoot without a tripod)))

An airport "Suitable". T.E. Airplanes and sit down and take off. Here is the landing of Taiwanese cargo board

At this time, he picks up for the take-off medical board and waits for permission

Takeoff! And the plane disappears in the clouds :))))

Well, this is Knuffingen – an invented city

GARTS is the northern small mountains in Germany

Get the car flew into the river.

Big Fair Entertainment)) in the background Large bridge, 12 meters long and Bad Klosterberg Monastery

Move into Hamburg.

Stadium "XX Nordbank Arena" Scale 1: 150.

Railway station Hamburg

Hamburg. Miniature Wonderland

The station itself did not hit the frame

Celbrand Bridge – the largest bridge of Hamburg. Well, under it port.

America. Cape Canaveral and Space Start.

Scandinavia ! And here we have a fire!

30,000 liters of real water with a tide and tide (amplitude – 4 cm) the ship moves along the bay

Lighthouse and Bridge Storebalt – the longest bridge in all exposure.

Baltic Sea Beach and skiing.

Snow-covered Sweden. Explosive work and mining ore

Where are there a hot swedish guy! You do not see the cow on the road.

There were a lot of people! And adults are even more than children. And everything was very interesting!

Not a single indifferent face.

If you are in Hamburg – do not regret the time and be sure to visit it.

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