I love you, life

In Thailand month hangs horns up. And under this melon lobby – fruit-fabulous kingdom. The most proper thing to fly there in deep November, in the most frost. Sail in the chair ten o’clock, and then right in a warm jacket to jump out of the plane on the hot asphalt. Little Thai men with a soft focus walking at the airport – work. No noisy, do not swear, do not fuss, but quietly fulfill their duties. It configures in contemplative way. Queue for a zisa stamp – and here he is Thailand!

While the bus is lucky to the hotel, a few buddhas swim by. Thailand is big and small buddha statues, brightly decorated houses for perfumes, countless temples. Residents of the country are very religious. It is beautiful and unobtrusively: no one asks tourists to worship the Buddha, but the faith of Thais is necessary to respect. You can not climb on the statue and copy before the camera Buddha posture. But you can admire the numerous, oriental colorful bright temples and even visit the service when the nuns, gathering in a circle, sing bright songs, Slavs Buddha. And if on the paths of the temple complexes, bald men in orange tunics will meet, remember that it is better to take better preliminarily asking permission.

By the way, there are things in Thailand, which cannot be done in principle. For example, touch Thai’s head: it is considered a sacred part of the body and the habitat of spirits. Therefore, affectionate stroking on the hair and even friendly patting on the shoulder here can perceive as an insult.

No less than Buddha, Thais honor the royal family. Tour operators often warn their customers to refrain from statements to Thai Rams (so called most of the kings of Thailand).

Despite the above bans, Thais – the people are bright, calm and pleasant. It is practically unrealistic to see (or hear) screaming Thai. Anger and irritation for them – a sign of nonsense and non-compatisfaction. They rejoice in what gives them life. There is even such a saying: rice rice fence and one shirt – this Tharata is enough for happiness.

And the Thais still do not take away their smiles. They smile a lot, often, about and without reason. And always come to the rescue, without waiting for requests. Let’s get lantern at night if someone descends on the dark stairs, bring chairs at night to the beach and will not sleep until the tourists gather back to the hotel. And if suddenly, the negligent travelers will forget to take water to the far island, in the glove compartment of the Thai boat, there will definitely have any saving drink that the owner of the plaels will give completely free of charge.

I love you, life

Many Thai families live too well, because in Thailand, very cheap labor is used everywhere. To ask, however, the Thais will not be for anything, but also to refuse financial assistance not in their rules: thank the smile and bow, folding his hands in the chest. At the same time in the markets ("Flochikh" or ordinary) and even in stores where all things with price tags are just necessary to bargain. This is a kind of sport, a gambling game in which no one will lose. For tourists prices are originally overestimated.

Floating markets (boats stuffed before the failure of fruit, decorations or souvenirs) can be found, for example, on the way to the River Kwai. The trip will be very memorable, most importantly, find English-speaking guides. With English in Thailand it does not matter, so often you have to be explained by gestures and faith.

In general, Thailand is another planet. And Thais – aliens, which, by the way, belong to white people with reverence. Local girl, making a Thai massage of an atrochetic fabric, european with rusia hair and blue eyes, maybe not withstanding, sigh: "You are so beautiful! " And here, on the other edge of the earth, hear it is especially nice.

I love you, life

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