Ideas for recreation with children in Druskininka

Druskininka is Resort capital Lithuania countries. Here is a very mild climate, and the air is very healing and filled with aromas of needles, so it creates a relaxed atmosphere, during which you can relax the body and soul. That is why the climate is perfectly suitable for recreation with children.

In addition to climate, here A huge amount of entertainment, who will not be allowed to miss your children. Therefore, in this article we will tell you that you can visit and what you can view with your children in this wonderful city.

This Lithuanian town is located on Border with Poland, straight into the abundance of various shrubs and trees. It is located right on the banks of the River Neman in the center of pine forests. Families with their children are often coming here, since healing mineral water, many medical hotels and sanatoriums.


This water park is in the building and is enhanced by growing palm trees, as well as part of the water park is on the street. When you are hiding from the slide, then you get straight to the street, so you open Incredible species, but having rolled slides, you get inside the water park.

This water park is in The very center of the city. There are many water attractions, as well as a bath complex for adults. Only adults are buying tickets here, since this part of the complex is inaccessible for children.

Waterpark zones: six slides, recreation area, diving center, jacuzzi, cafe, swimming pool with waves, vortex baths, swimming pool and zones for kids.

Adventure Park

In this park you can arrange an active Holidays for the whole family Outside air. It is located in the forest near the river shore. Around you will observe the beauty of growing pines, and you can also ride a rope park over the river. This park has highways that are created specifically for children at low height. Well, there are also these tracks that are located at an altitude of 16 meters right at the tops of the trees.

If you go with your children, then in this rope park there are recreation areas for parents where you can drink coffee and watch your children. This park is open from 10 am to 9 pm, so you can get here in Any convenient time.

Ideas for recreation with children in Druskininka

Ski resort

This complex can be accessed with cableway, which for many is already an attraction. This place is located in the heart of the city near the water park, which we talked about earlier. Therefore, you can easily climb on the cable car to the ski complex.

Here is obligatory You need to prepare a camera, In order to enjoy photos and remember this wonderful vacation. This ski resort is working all year round, as the conditions have been created so that the snow always remains on the surface of the slide. Therefore, ride to succeed even in the summer.

Inverted house

This is a spectacle like not only for children, but also adults. The inverted house is located in the heart of the city, so you will notice it exactly, walking through the streets. On the territory of this house there is also a musical fountain, which is highlighted by different colors in the evening. And also nearly installed playgrounds, Therefore, your child will be exactly interesting. If you go inside this house, you will see a space where all the decor elements are turned upside down. Your children will be delighted.

Ideas for recreation with children in Druskininka

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