In the footsteps of Napoleon. We visit Ayachcho, Corsica

It would seem that domestic tourists have already managed to visit everywhere where only you can. But for the most part, such tourism was rather similar to the rest, where everything is included, and only now there has been a special type of tourism, which adopted in the West – to visit as many sights as possible for your life. There was even a concept – how to see 50 main attractions and … die. But besides jokes, unsurpassed Ayachcho, which is located on the legendary island of Corsica, on the west coast, offers the experience of this kind.

This city is famous for the fact that in 1769 August 15 Napoleon was born in him. And if any tourist comes on this day, he is lucky to participate in the grand festivities on the occasion of his birthday.

It was here that his childhood and adolescence passed. For a detailed acquaintance it will be useful to visit Museum of Bonaparte Museum or Maison, where there are family portraits, furniture of that period and many other rare artifacts. In 1771, Napoleon accepted baptism in Baptism In the Church notre Dame de la Misericorde. The church is notable for the fact that it was in her Napoleon asked to get buried his dust if he would not receive a place in Paris. This chapel is more known in that it is the famous Painting Delacroix "Vierge Au Sacre Coeur", which hangs on the wall of the church right near the altar.

But here there is a more exciting landmark, which is called Museum Fesha or Musee Fesch. This museum is a unique home for early Italian art, which is abroad. It is in this museum that you can find masterpieces of work Botticelli, Titian and Verona. But the most interesting thing here is how this collection was collected. During the Italian campaign, Cardinal Fesh, who was on the mother line Napoleon Uncle, simply confiscated him with his name all these masterpieces in local churches, the palaces of aristocrats and museums. All requisited he carefully overlooked to his new museum.

In the footsteps of Napoleon. We visit Ayachcho, Corsica

Next to the Museum Fesha is worth Chapel Imperiale, which was built by Napoleon III in 1885 for the burial of the remains of Bonaparts.

Once already here, it will not be possible to notice Milee Museum, which spread among olive trees. The house of Mileli was bought by the Bonaparte family in 1797. Museum stores many ethnographic objects.

To first see Ajaccio Bay, you should visit at the top standing citadel Jetee De La Citadel, Where else are the incomes and antique cannons since Napoleon. For those tourists who are interested in swimming and relaxing on the beach, the wonderful place will be Island Sanguinaires, which is located at a distance of an elongated arm from Ajaccio Island. The island is valuable by the fact that excursions are held every day from the pier, from which hesitates the sea ferry.

In the footsteps of Napoleon. We visit Ayachcho, Corsica

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