Interesting castles of Great Britain

This is an old castle erected by the sea. It is located on a rocky rock. Like other castles in Wales, it was built by the orders of King Eduard. The architecture of the castle will seem very interesting to those who are fond of military history. Entrance to the castle protect powerful grids. In the corners there are towers with a magnificent view. In Harlech there are secret moves that are well thought out. With one of them, it was possible without obstacles to get ammunition from the sea. For all the time of its existence, the castle suffered not one precipitation. The last time the battles took place in the days of the Civil War. In 1986, this castle brought to UNESCO Heritage List. In the territory of Harlech for tourists, interesting events take place every week. For example, dances in medieval style or fencing tournaments.

Cardiff Castle

He confirms all ideas concerning medieval castles. Is he in the very center of the city. This castle is excellent preserved, despite the fact that it is already 2 thousand years old. For the entire period of existence, he managed to visit and as a surge, and as a court, until the power of Wales decided to make his tours. At the entrance you can see a massive gate. Tourists are offered for viewing a fascinating film about the history of this castle. Each visitor can examine the champs, bomb shelter and military museum.

Interior inside the castle is very rich. Here you can see the motley blown, and a carved tree, and a rich library. Many tourists admit that the interior in this castles is one of the most striking what they had to see. But the main pearl of the castle &# 8211; Clock tower. She is decorated with painting and beautiful figures. Nearby castle areas are no less luxurious than its interior. They have a garden with a large number of Mediterranean plants. Peacocks walk in the garden.

Interesting castles of Great Britain

Lids Castle

It is located on two islands on the River Len. This is one of the most amazing castles in the world. The first fortress was built in the distant 957. The construction site was chosen so that the possibility of delivering ammunition on the river in case the castle will be deposited.

Since 1278, this castle was the property of the royal family. And her members often visited him. He also managed to visit the jail and warehouse for ammunition. During World War II, the hospital was located here. Today is a monument of history.

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