Interesting sights Beiruta

Recently, rest in exotic places is very popular. One of them is Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. This beautiful and contradictory city attracts tourists. Here you will find a beautiful architecture, many historical and cultural monuments, as well as a pleasant climate and picturesque views.

Popular attractions

Historical monuments here are adjacent to modern buildings. In Beirut, you will find many interesting places in which you should visit every tourist. The favorite place for walking among guests of the capital is considered Embankment Kornish. It stretches almost five kilometers along Mediterranean Sea. The embankment is great for unhurriedly walks by the Mediterranean coast. Here you can breathe fresh sea air and admire the beautiful views of the sea and the mountain peaks. Special attention to tourists should pay Pigeon rocks, They are a natural miracle of Beirut. Beautiful cliffs look at sunset, at this time they are particularly popular among photographers.

Capital Ready to please you with a huge number of varied attractions, however, some of them are quite contradictory. Eastern and European styles are in harmoniously intertwined in the architecture of the city. Antiquity here keeps in foot with modernity. The city has a unique atmosphere. Tourists are interested Vintage Palaces, Mosque, Temples. No less interesting looks and The legacy of French colonization.

Interesting sights Beiruta

Lovers of street art like Districts of Gemmayze and Mahar Mikhail. Bright painted walls look very interesting and unusual, they attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. Also lovers of contemporary art is worth visiting the exhibition in the gallery Sfeir semler. Here are the works of famous and beginner artists who specialize in conceptual art of art.

All residents and guests of Beirut can admire Monument to Virgin Maria Lebanese. This twenty-meter monument is located in the city Junia on a hill Harswa. The height of the hill itself is 650m, It is twenty kilometers from the city. The monument is conducted by a cable car, which will also allow you to explore its picturesque surroundings.

Here you can find entertainment both lovers of sports and outdoor activities. Evening life in Beirut also does not freeze, a variety of nightclubs will not let you get bored.

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