Islands of the Caribbean: Great View

Although the islands and small, but they are visited by foreigners with interest. There is a small country between Mexico and Guatemala Belize. From the east, it is washes by the Caribbean Sea. She is headed by the Governor-General. Belize on the area does not exceed 30,000 square kilometers. Here mostly live Creoles, mestys and mulatto. Slightly less than Indians Maya and Garifoop. Officially here speak English. But local residents communicate with each other in local dialects: Spanish, English, German, Maya and Garifoop.

The history of this country is very rich in events. The races and the languages ​​of many nations were mixed here. Only Maya Indians lived on the territory of Belisa. And after a few centuries, the Spaniards took the country. Places were deaf and abandoned. Here are English pirates and made themselves the base here in order to attack the ships of the Spaniards. Over time, english settlement colonies began to form in the territory. Naturally, the country has become known only in 1973. And the capital of this state is the city of Belmopan.

Islands Belize

On the east coast of Belize there Big coral reef. It is considered the largest in the whole western part. And now between the shore and this reef, about two hundred of small islands are located. And on some you can spend your free time. Ideal beaches with the smallest white sand and manyat visitors. Aquamarine color and forest arrays with mango trees attract tourists from all over the world.

Divers prefer to spend time on Ambergris Key island. Even newcomers will be able to undergo diving in local schools. There are no big waves in this place, because the reef creates a barrier to the flow under water. Underwater world is very beautiful and varied. There is something to admire. Only one corals are about one hundred sixty pieces. On this coral reef there is a blue hole that opened Jacques Yves Kusto. It resembles a large well with polished walls. Downstairs at the depth of seventy meters there are caves. They are connected inside various passages.

Entertainment on the island and mainland

Islands of the Caribbean Great View

In addition to swimming under water, tourists are offered a lot of other interesting types of recreation:
• go well to go on Excursion to mango. Although this journey is sometimes dangerous, it can be overshadowed with wild animals, for example, Jaguar or Kaban;
• with animal peace It is better to get acquainted in reserves, places reserves, you can even see a farm with a lot of beautiful butterflies and the only jaguar reserve;
• Excellent will be a trip to Waterfalls with their picturesque places;

• for those who do Speleology, It is possible to visit not one cave, to study it yourself;
• There is a on the island and The ruins of the ancient city, and Pyramids, they can be visited and learn a lot of interesting things from history.

Caribbean Islands provide their guests a lot of interesting places for outdoor activities and familiarization with historical places. Everyone can choose to your liking.

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