Italy. Central. Or my Dolce Vita!!

Flew from Prague to Rome, from Rome to Ancona. Flying Alitaly. Ticket anywhere – then 70 euros per person. After our expanses, it seemed to me, only soared, the stuards distributed crackers…how they immediately declared landing.

Ancona – a city in the center of Italy, the city, judging by the reviews on the Internet, is especially not distinguished. Although not remarkable cities in Italy, in my opinion, no a priori. Ankon could not see, but actually did not want. Ahead was waiting for the sea and Dolce Vita! We went to rest for two weeks, I didn’t want to burden my excursions. I just wanted to enjoy life, Italian beaches, night bars, restaurants, walks and sea!

The first week was removed housing (with the help of the Internet) in Sinegallia. The city is stunning for a relaxing holiday! On the beach of the people little, hotels a bunch, in connection with prices, like apartments and hotels, not high, restaurants shocked, the beaches of the purest..sea…Adriatica as in any way, not brought by tourists. View from the balcony of what is worth!

Next week moved to another Italian city 10 km from Sinegylia Fano. Fano on the square more, by the presence of bars and other funny institutions is richer, ruins from the time of existence of the Roman Empire for lovers of antiquity, the coast forced by chic yachts, plus the beach to choose from – sand or pebble.

Apartment here managed to remove the magnificent and not expensive!

By the way, both of these cities (plus Marott, standing between them, in which we have fallen to ride a chic and super cheap fish restaurant. 7 euro for dinner per person! True, in order to get there, you will have to defend the turn) are located 20 km from the Russian tourists of Rimini. Compare with Rimini (in my opinion somewhat brought and expensive) is not worth!

In general, Sinegalla, Marott and Fano belong to the Italian region of Mark, and Rimini to Emilia Romagne. Mark – it’s completely different italy! Other people, other customs, other rules, traditions and a kitchen! Russian tourists are in line! Mostly rest Europeans and Italians themselves.

The kitchen is incredible. In the fish restaurant, there were all sorts of antipastas, salads, unprecedented sea shoes, hot, drinking espresso in the end and sorbetto – lemon ice cream with vodka so that the Italians say is refreshing =), drinking a bottle of wine..paid for all this miracle 50 euros for two! What to say, it was impossible to breathe and after the first the account could be somewhat less.

Italy. Central. Or my Dolce Vita!

Fano nightlife is quite diverse. Mostly, these are small dance bars in which the owners themselves work, certainly making a cocktail compliment to all visitors =) the public is very interesting and diverse. What, and the ability to rest the Italians are famous throughout Europe – then.

The beach is clean, there are places with sun loungers and umbrellas, and just a wild place for «clap».

Around the district rode bicycles, the rental of which is organized not to be wide..But you can always find out about it.

During the journey, Rimini, Riccione, Rome, in San Marino. They simply could not resist, although did not plan anything like this…But these are already other stories, each city can not be described by a pair of proposals! Italy as in no way;)

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