Italy: Not only Wine

With all the love of Italian guilt, I most like other drinks – Digestives, bitter-sweet herbal tinctures. They are sold everywhere and popular with Italians who call them Amaro. Digestives help digest food, so they are often used after lunch, during the day. These are drinks of fortress 20-30%, which we call the balm. Many do not need: two or three glasses drank and ran.

In each town there are brands. Once I spent interesting searches: at Sicily, I tried 30 or 40 different Amaro in two weeks of filming. The most famous AMARO even in Moscow are sold – this is a Fernet-Branca and his brother Branca Menta. But my most beloved variety AMARO – Cynar. This is a bitter-sweet artichoke-based drink – the only alcohol that is useful for the liver. Drink and peeling. It is in many classic Bars Italy, where you come, drink a mug of something, eat ice cream and go on, do not stay. These bars are always small, there is only a coffee machine, a shelf with drinks: water, coffee and alcohol, among which sometimes grappa, wine, but mostly AMARO.

In different parts of Italy, AMARO is in different ways. For example, in Rome, Florence, Venice Ryumchka will cost € 3-3,60. During filming in the south of Italy, I arranged myself a quest: find the cheapest Amaro. And found a bar where wine glare cost € 1,20. To take away the AMARO, it is worth entering Enotek, you will not buy Cynar in the usual store, unlike Limoncello.

But with the purchase of this drink based on lemon crusts, too, not everything is simple. It can not be bought in Duty Free. There are for sale drinks made using concentrates, preservatives and additives. They are inferior to the taste of this lemoncell. Look for it in Italian stores. The bottle must be written: Artigianale, which means without dyes and preservatives. This drink is made on the basis of special Sorrentin lemons with a very thick crust. It is better to take Limoncello, which is being done on the Amalfi coast, south of Italy. Then you get a divine drink, thick, like a keel.

Italy not only wines

Or you can make lemoncell at home. Everything is simple:

Remove the zest from the lemons and put it in a large glass bottle or jug. Try not to capture the white part – it will add bitterness to the leather. Add diluted with water alcohol and sugar. Across nine days the product is ready to eat. Drink lemoncell cool, preferably directly from the refrigerator. Prepare and rejoice in winter and summer. This is a useful drink – concentrated vitamin C, no cold will stick. Only drink a little – two glasses per day. Yet in it too much sugar.

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