Japanese little things of life

Japan never ceases to amaze. Such a small country, and how many discoveries wonderful it contains. Post about interesting things and places that can surprise the European tourist in the country of the Rising Sun.

Japanese little things of life

Let’s start with the means of movement. The main trend of personal transport in Japan is minimalism. The smaller the machine, the better.

Minimalism of personal transport

It seems to me that in Japan, no one goes on the jeep at all, although our Tolstosumes prefer exactly Japanese SUVs.

Transport in Japan

Minimalism in transport is due to several reasons. First, the Japanese on the mentality is rational. Secondly, on a small car, there is almost no chance to knock down a pedestrian, and there it is very strict.

Personal transport in Japan

Perhaps only in this country there is a phenomenon as the metro wagons specifically for women.

Special car for women

It is invented so that in the rush hour, both sexes did not give together and did not embarrass each other with excessive proximity.

Painted hatch in japan

Still falls as far as the Japanese are attentive to detail. And it seems no one forces them to take extra actions, for example, painting shops or metro wagons, but also come ..

Like a creative approach to architecture.

Unusual architecture of Japan

Vintage buildings in the country almost left, the Japanese has a practicality defeated sentimentality and respect for history. Everything around new and it pleases.

Japanese little things of life

Well done? I am such a person who will not admire the wrecks, of which the powder sweeps, just because they are built in the 18th century.

Unusual kind of products, Japan

Technology touched even food. Yes, these watermelons can be.

Menu Hand Made, Japan

It looks funny and touching the Hand-Maid menu, as if you are visiting old friends who decided to entertain you.

Statue of Liberty in Japan

Amuses the abundance of "Statues of Freedom" on the streets. Although the Japanese take a lot of things to adopt from Europe and America, as a result, many things they get better.

Abundance "Statues of freedom", Japan

And this is the manifestation of household savings – washbasin instead of a drain tank. so what? I washed my hands, but washed the toilet to the toilet. Rational.

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