Jewish Quarter and Asiansor Lift

Asmansor lift – This is one of the most important historical objects of Izmir: It is considered the basis of urban identity and gives the name of the area in which. To date, the lift not only carries out its own direct function, but also is the center of socio–Cultural life of the city.

The lift was built on the order of the wrong left – Businessman and employee administration from Izmir. The construction allowed directly connecting two streets over a hundred years ago (until the steep staircase in 155 steps tied them).

During construction, advanced technologies of that time were used, which allowed to provide easy access from the bottomside of the city, from the street Mithatpaşa, to the upper side of the city – Street şehit Nihat Bey. The building is still owned by the city and is managed by an Izmir municipality.

Jewish quarter around the lift Ananser formed at the end of the XIX – early XX V., After the reconstruction of the neighboring streets Mithatpaşa and Halil Rıfat Pasa. Many religious institutions of the Jewish Community are located here (Beth-İsrael, Roş-Aar (Tepebaşı), Bet-Levi synagogue), hospitals and educational institutions of the Jewish community.

Jewish Quarter and Asiansman Lift Sights of Izmir Tour Profit Guide

Walking around the streets of the quarter you can still see one-story houses – The community takes constant efforts to preserve the remnants of the ancient quarter, especially as the lift tower approached.

Most notable in terms of architectural–Historical value Here are two buildings: two-story corner apartments with a basement on the west side and a two-storey house on the east side with a basement, a bucket and an original roof. On the streets of the Jewish Quarter, you can find the stunning original facades of small vintage houses, with forged iron doors, wooden windows and iron staventes. Facade elements here are decorated with a set of geometric shapes and a floral pattern.

The lift tower has a rectangular shape and, rising up, narrows. At the bottom of the tower that has four levels, – Stone masonry, the rest of the building is built of brick. At the bottom of the building there is a sign with an inscription in French and Hebrew: "The Asa Man Tower was built by non-Limu Levi in ​​1907". In the second and third part of the tower, with a view of the main entrance, four windows are located. There are only two windows at the top of the building. Extended terrace located in the top zone is separated from it with cast-iron consoles. The lower part of the terrace with eleven windows demonstrates visitors luxurious views of the bay and stunning panoramas of the city. Even more spectacular paintings of the surrounding area are waiting for visitors on the top of the top, in addition, here you can sit here on an open veranda behind a banquet table and try sophisticated local dishes.

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