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They say when the journey towards himself begins, it does not ends … in the conditions of the rapid pace, we are so hurry to live that we sometimes forget about ourselves, about our souls, we lose touch with your own soul and spirit that penetrate all the universe. Sometimes in order to reiterate himself a person need a conductor, a shaman who will help to overcome the wall that we erect inside ourselves and return to the spiritual world. And then at the right time the soul meets such a conductor … Amanita or amonite Musion is known in shamanic practices for many centuries. It was used by shamans of Siberia, Buryatia, Kurandero Latin America, Molfares of Ukraine.

The chosen one in his country with his traditions gets intimate knowledge and ability to heal people with the help of power plants. Now it is not necessary to go to Buryatia or Peru to meet with intimate and unknown. Travels begin in the Carpathians … For three days we go on a trip to one of the amazing places of power on this planet. Get acquainted with the secrets of Mystery Carpath, we pass the shaman ceremonies. Re-acquaint with the world of nature, remember and restore your divine essence. All the journey holds a shaman who will help find answers to all your questions, will hold you beyond the famous. These three mystery days will be out of everything that you ever knew. Spiritual journey begins once and continues all life.

Journey to the Carpathians - Your New Life - Carpathians, Ukraine Blogs and Travel Notes of Tourists

The first day is familiar with the mountains, a walk through the woods, rest, music, easy and useful meal. Sleep in the mountains under the stars. Second day – Preparation for ritual, post, meditation, training for shamanic practices and movements. Men’s Practice Power, Women’s Harmonizing Practices. In the evening, the ritual begins with amonite muscaria. Journey to your soul, familiarity with the spiritual world, awareness of your body dream. Release of severe past and opening the future. Setting on harmonious streams in life, synchronization with divine threads. After the ritual free time, dinner, music, communication. The third day – a walk through the mountains, a visit to the magic tea on top of the mountain, yoga, rest, riding on the lift, swimming in a waterfall, delicious vegetarian food, evening fire and music jam. Beautiful life in a healing forest among endless spaces, blueberry fields, blackberries, lingers, flowers, mushrooms, sun and fresh air.

Journey to the Carpathians - Your New Life - Carpathians, Ukraine Blogs and Travel Notes of Tourists

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