Kaliningrad and region: where to go to the May holidays in 2021

In May 2021, non-working days from 1 to 3 and 8, 9. So you can plan a small journey of the weekend. For example, in the Kaliningrad region. Although it is the smallest region of Russia, but the tourist resources of it are inexhaustible!


Start acquaintance better with Islands Immanuel Kanta – Great German philosopher. There you need to visit Cathedral and listen to organ music concert. In another historic district Amalienau, knock on the door Museum "Altes Haus" and be on the border of the XIX-XX centuries. And then take Excursion on the ship on the Pragol River and see the Kaliningrad Sea Port.


The resort city on the shores of the Baltic, though not boasting in May the weather suitable for swimming, but strikes fabulous architectural appearance. Also from April 30 to May 3, 2021 goes there Gastronomic holiday "Fishival". Master classes, regatta and incredible variety of fish and seafood dishes from the chefs are waiting for guests of the festival.


In the offseason to the resort come For recovery. Wander through the quiet green streets, breathe fresh sea air, drink mineral water from the local burea. Wellness tourism is possible to combine with the event, visiting Estrada Theater – Amber Hall. The program of events is better to read in advance on the site.


In this city is located The world’s largest industrial enterprise for amber extraction. In addition, open to tourists. Here you can find out everything about the extraction of amber, look at a huge career, recharge your positive energy in the amber pyramid and solve the riddle of the disappearance of the mysterious amber room.

Curonian Cos

Unique in its beauty and primacy. One day here can be in the sandy desert, Tundra and Pine Bor. Mandatory to visit Ornithological station "Frigill", Muller Height, Efa Height, Mystical Dancing Forest and Picturesque Swan Lake.

Kaliningrad and region where to go to the May holidays in 2021

Baltic Cos

Not too promoted tourist destination, but no less amazing. It is interesting primarily by pre-war legacy – German airfield "Reach", Fort Western Ruins, Coastal anti-aircraft battery Lemberg. You can learn more about the Baltic Spit by visiting Park Museum Complex "Old Lunet".


One day you need to devote a trip to the east area. Former tilsit is famous primarily by the era of Napoleonic conquest. From urban symbol – Elk Gustava, walk along the pedestrian street, admire the preserved architecture, go to Embankment of the River Neman, where the signing of the Tilzite world. There is also a beautiful Border Bridge Queen Louise.


In this city you can Tries Kraft cheeses in the cheesemore "Tilzit-Ragnit". Her pride is a real cheese "Tilziter", the production of which preserves the traditions of European cheese. Historical significance also have the ruins of the last Teutonic castle of Ragnit, open to visit.

Kaliningrad and region where to go to the May holidays in 2021

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