Kamennomostsky (Kamennomostsky)

The village Kamennomostsky, or as the locals call it, – Khadzhokh, It located in the Republic of Adygea, on the banks of the White River. Before Maikop, the nearest town, about 40 kilometers. Population Khadzhokh sparse, is home to about 7,500 people.

But, quite well developed despite this, the village economy. Most focused on wood harvesting, limestone mining and processing and, of course, travel business.

The Kamennikova justifies its name, because if you look at the mouth of the river in the town called Hajokhskaya tesnin, it is impossible not to notice that white literally struck the way through soft rocks rich in lime.

However, there is a place where the river could not cope with the stone – narrow stone stamped, similar to the bridge, connected her shores.

Hajoch – a unique place, having been here once, you will never refuse yourself in pleasure to come again. Legends go that the local climate is especially favorable for women. He soothes, gives confidence in its own forces and beauty, fills the vital energy.

This comes here as adherents of a quiet rest and extreme tourists: lovers of mountaineering, rafting, speleology, horseback walks. In addition, it is from Hajoha, almost all tourist routes in Adygea lead.

What to see in Khajokh

The village itself is not rich in attractions. From the cultural heritage it is worth allocating the Church of Dmitry Solunsky and several monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. The northern part of the village faced tourists through the suspended bridge over white. Here often arrange photo shoots, because the bridge offers a magnificent view of Hajochskaya Tesnin.

Also worth a visit «Turkish bazaar», They say here in ancient times there was a slave market, where the slaves were sent to Turkey.

Directly opposite the bazaar rises the Battery Mountain – Mute Witness of the Caucasian War. The remains of military fortifications are still preserved here. Lifting up the mountain is better on foot, so you can evaluate all the surrounding beauty. The road leads by an abandoned limestone career, in which there was a beautiful lake suitable for swimming. From the mountains there is an amazing view of the village and foothills.

The surroundings of Hajoha are full of unique places that should be visited. And the first of them can be seen already on the road from Hajoha, towards Lago-Naki Plateau – This is a Cossack stone.

Cossack stone

Cossack stone – This is the name of a huge boulder, in the time immemorial time fallen from the Unhung Around Ridge and divided the road into several directions. On one of these roads, you will get into the valley of the River Sakhrai and Dah, and then already to the mountain of Big Thach. The second direction leads to the amazing beauty of the mountain village Guzeripl. Well, the third on Lago-Naki Plateau Lamarov known to all lovers and the Azish Tau Ridge, followed by hand to the Black Sea coast.

Many legends and legends are associated with stone. In ancient times, he served as a means with the help of which Khajochki and Dakhovsky Cossacks solved land disputes, as lay on the border between these lands. Residents then one, then another village constantly tried to increase their territory, moving the stone into the neighbors.

Rufabgo gorge

This place is also folded by a beautiful legend about the feat that the young man named Hadzokh for the sake of love for the girl. Only he dared to challenge the huge giant Rufabgo, pulled his heart out of his chest and threw out in the mountains. The heart of the giant turned into a stone, blocking the path of the mountain stream, which led to the formation of several waterfalls.

In the rafabgo gorge, you can get, passing through the bridge over white. Viewing paid, although a few years ago, a straight forest path from Hajoha led here, but it was closed. Cashs are located in front of the entrance to the bridge, the cost of the ticket is about 300 rubles.

RFABGO waterfalls chain begins with a small, almost imperceptible unnoticed manfall man called «Three brothers». It is located directly at the beginning of the gorge, on the left side of the bridge.

Behind the bridge there is a spacious area, surrounded by beech and equipped with tables, benches and various functions of entertainment. Here you can check yourself at the accuracy, shooting in a dash, buy a variety of souvenirs, try adygean dishes. For children there is a playground with swings.

From the site and the path begins on the main waterfalls of Rufaggo Gorge. All of them are sixteen, however, the most beautiful and well-known are the first five. Literally within walking distance of the field with entertainment is the most «powerful» waterfall. And his name is appropriate – «Noise».

Water breaks off from a sheer cliff with a rocution and a roar, of course, in the greatness of him far to the famous Niagara Falls or Victoria, but believe me, he is beautiful in his own way.

To see the following waterfall, you need to overcome a considerable distance – meters 900. This waterfall has two names – «Cascascular» and baby». It is considered the smallest, gentle, but also it is worth looking at him.

From here literally hand to send to the most famous gorge waterfall – «Heart Rufabgo». Someone will seem grim, because surrounded from all sides with high cliffs. Big Stone Blocks Water Falling Down. This is the heart of evil giant of legends.

Per «Heart Rufabgo» Gorge expands, and meters through 150 your gaze will open the last of the waterfalls included in Hiking Tourist Walks – «Lace».

It is worth noting that the path to the above-described waterfalls is equipped with bridges, fences, resting places. Next, the equipped trail ends and you stay alone with nature. The most curious and bold tourists will be able to get to the fifth waterfall without particular equipment. But to get up higher, you need the help of climbers.

The last, affordable traveler waterfall, is called «Bowl of love». Here you can take a break, eat and go back. By the way, the gorge itself is worthy of attention no less than waterfalls. Scenic rocks, streams, small caves – Here there is something to see!

Large Asian Cave

This is a mysterious place – one of the favorite tourist entertainment. To get to the cave, you need to rise up the road leading to Lago Naki. By car, the path from Hajoha will take 10-40 minutes. The cave is located at an altitude of more than 1500 meters above sea level, its depth of about 40 meters. In the cave several halls, it is equipped with stairs and platforms.

Tourists descend down every half hour, small groups accompanied by a guide. Going to descend into a great Asian, be sure to capture the upper clothes with you, below it is cold enough, the excursion itself lasts about 20 minutes. The cost of the excursion is 400 rubles from an adult and 200 rubles from a child. The cave is open to visit until 18:00, the last descent at 17:30.

Underground river flows on the lower tier, the water in it is clean and, as local residents say, health care. Many come here every year and descend down to replenish water stocks.

Kamennomostsky (Kamennomostsky)

A little bit away from the entrance to the cave is the observation deck with which the breathtaking view opens. To the site leads a picturesque forest trail.

Lago Naki

The legend of the shepherd of Lago and the beauty of Naki love to tell the local residents of Hajoha and other nearby villages. Beautiful love story conquers immediately, having heard her, you will no longer refuse to visit the plateau called in honor of lovers. Despite the ban’s ban, the girl escaped with her loved ones. Realizing that the pursuit is close, and the fallen path blocks the abyss, Lago and Naki took up his arms and jumped…. Their bodies did not find it, and the riders who drank themselves, assured that the inquisites batted in the air for a long time and disappeared in a golden cloud.

So got its name the famous Lago-Naki Plateau, which is currently one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world. It is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 800 meters. Visit Lago Naki – This is a great opportunity to get closer to the amazing nature of the Caucasus. The territory of the plateau covers several climatic zones. Here you can see the sheer cliffs, and meadows, covered with flowers, and forests, and glaciers.

The most famous Caves of Russia are located on the Lago-Naki Plateau. A variety of trees, flowers, berries and herbs growing here, allowed scientists to conclude that this place is unique in its kind. That is why Lago-Naki is under state protection and is part of the Caucasian Reserve.

In the vicinity of Hajoha, a lot of amazing places. To inspect them all, you need to visit here more than once.

Where to stay

Best travel to hajokh «By its own way», that is, without a group of tourists. In fact, so much more interesting. You can stop in any of the hotel complexes located in the district: County Khajoch , Fisht, Bar estate , recreation center " Sunny . True, in this case, the place will need to book in advance.

If you decide to go on a journey Suddenly, do not be afraid to stay outside. In Khadzhokh can rent a room in almost any local resident, and, at a fairly reasonable price.

How to get to Hajoha

Kamennikovsky is located 40 km from Maykop, 70 km from Belorechensk and 180 kilometers from Krasnodar, in a significant distance from the main trails and is surrounded by mountains from all sides.
The nearest major airport is located in Krasnodar.

From Krasnodar, you can get here by bus «Krasnodar Victory». Buses depart twice a day (at 07:24 and 16:38), travel time – about 4 hours. If this option is not suitable, go by bus to Maykop (departure every hour), and from there you can already get to Hajoha on the local bus (they go more often) or take a taxi for a completely moderate fee.

From Maykop in Hadjoch twice a day, electric train walks, travel time –1,5 hour. Departs from Maykop at 7:39 and at 17:41. Departs from the Khajokh station at 9:29 and at 19:30.

From Belorechensk twice a day, the train goes here, travel time –1,5 hour. Departs from the station Belorechenskaya at 7:05 and at 17:06. Departs from the Khajokh station at 9:29 and at 19:30.

Well, if you are traveling by car, for example from Moscow, you need to go to the M 4 track, go to the side of Rostov-on-Don, and then by the bypass road to roll to Krasnodar. Time on the way from Rostov approximately 4-5 hours.

Kamennomostsky (Kamennomostsky)

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