Karelian crust

Kizhi (emphasis on the first syllable) is an architectural ensemble, which is located on the island of Onega Lake the same name and who entered the UNESCO World Heritage List. Kizhi Symbols – Church of the Intercession of the Virgin (1764) and the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord (1714).

The Preobrazhenskaya Church is crowned with 22 chapters placed by tiers on roofing of burtures and octacks. The form and sizes of chapters are changing on tiers, all together create amazing harmony. According to one of the legends, the Transfiguration Church is built with one ax (without nails), which then Master threw into the lake. In fact, there are nails – in domes.

Eight head of the Pokrovsk Church surround the ninth, central. This church is "courtier", the beauty of the main, Preobrazhenskaya.

In addition to these two churches on the island there are multiple folk buildings that were moved here (peasant houses, Riga and barns, windmill, etc.) And now make it possible to present the life of three hundred years of proceedings.

Kizhi will be interested in those who have never seen Lukushka or leaves with a hand, hand-made weaving machine or spindles. Here you can observe the process of creating a boat.

In the Kizhsky necklace, in addition to itself, the historic villages of the Grand Klitenetsky Islands and Zaughnia: Boyarschina, Yatyvshchina, Empty Coast and DR. In the village of Volkostrom, the largest and most difficult chapel of the Kizhsky necklace has been preserved in the architectural solution.

ADVICE Attach Kizhi is most convenient or in the summer when navigation is open, or in winter, when a sledaway opens (then you can get on the island on a snowmobile, the ship is on the air cushion and even on skis). Spring and autumn only a helicopter message is available.

Karelian crust

Point – Petrozavodsk. Further – rocket, she is "comet", departing from the water station. Time in the way – a little more than an hour. Navigation opens at the end of May when the ice goes. Tickets are better to order and pay in advance.

Genia Kizhi. I didn’t really want there, it frozen in time, as if canned art, did not respond in me a pilgrim trembling. But when I saw all 22 chapters of the Transfiguration Church, I heard music. I looked at the chapters aside to the sky, on these stuffs, lows, crawling alone over another staircase into the sky, and listened to the organ sound of the filler meadow. Onega caught her hand. The bells called the bells ..

Dancing the Dome of the Transfiguration Church Covered with Leme. These are such very thick plates made from aspen. This material is very pliable, it can be bend, plus it is still quite easy to handle, and also has a "designer" function: it reflects the light, so under different weather conditions and the number of the dome sun look differently – from black in rainy day to pink-red at sunset!

Sandra Kizhi, one of the 1000 islands of Onega Lake, where there is a beautiful transformation church, built without a single nail, the oldest wooden church in Russia. But the greatest impression on me was made by wooden houses in which the decor of the XVII century was preserved.

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